Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Three


i got to that page as well, i feel like something is meant to be there but isnt


Magimystic Assessment? That sounds exciting


Do we think the Book is glitched or is there actually nothing on that page?


I see paper scraps. Does anyone else?


Just got it on Safari, Chrome doesn’t like it.


Nope nothing.


I’m on safari as well, and dont see anything


You don’t supposee we need to use the completed spell to find Brandon at 3:33 do we? He dI’d say he wanted to come back


It looks like we should maybe have a completed page if we add the new pieces to this?


It mentions drinking whatever it is, so unless we all have to drink it, its probably the way he took to “escape his reality”


Anyone adept at photo editing or photoshop? @Crytter has been doing this in the past I believe. Putting the pieces together. I don’t really have the software to put it together. I am trying to find something online, the free one I found isn’t that good


@zerovin, I always assumed that this “spell” was to either bind the four fragments into the first book key or to actually find the key, since it’s a “brew for finding hidden things.”


Holy cow. Not only did you find the Glass Report but went ahead and found the fragment too! Great work all!

I read the Glass Report and then played the game, but at the end it just says “You’ve reached the end of the forest” and then kicks me back to the BoB page. Am I missing something?


Probably missed a word. Some arexits very similar


aaaah i missed so much! I should have made more of an effort to stay up


I am going to keep working on piecing the fragments together, I am close to getting it done


Not sure how it is for anyone else, but the fragment is only visible on Safari. I normally use Chrome and it shows nothing. Same with Firefox and Explorer (or Edge or whatever they’re calling it now). So if you’re having trouble seeing it, use Safari if you can.


Safari only works on mac tho right?


I think you can download a PC version. I have a PC and an iPhone and can only see the image on my iPhone.


Brandon’s goodbye letter:

October 29, 1986
If you’re reading this letter, I’m already gone. I wrote myself a way out of this world. I hope I can come back. But I might not be able to. Maybe give this to my mom and dad?

To whoever finds this, if you’re different, if you imagine things that people don’t understand, believe things people don’t believe, it’s okay. It’s good. It means you see this place as it should be, not as someone wants you to. If you’re reading this it means you’ve followed my crazy trail all the way to my favorite place in the city.

I spent my last morning here, talking with my favorite librarians, sitting in my favorite chairs. Watching all the people, wondering if some of them can see into the empty spaces. Those spaces aren’t empty. They’re full of doors. And light. And magic. And now I have proof. How do you think the Crafter puzzle worked? I wrote the riddle, hid the numbers inside, connected unconnected things with ideas and imagination, and then the pay phones started working. Just like I’d designed. Just like magic.

Anyway, I spent the morning here at the library, then I went downtown. And I waited for an impossible train to pick me up.

Whatever happens next… well, we’ll see. But don’t worry about me. Don’t be scared. If I could survive this dark world and bring magic to it, then I think I’ll be okay, wherever I find myself.