Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Three


What do we think they do at the tables?


The tables were just hints to show them where the books were near.


Awesome, so they are good to go?


We’re good


Yes, they should be


Be safe, and upload those asap


Now get out of there.


Awesome work everyone!! That was awesome


Great, great job guys! I’d make you cookies if I were in NYC.:slight_smile:


Great job @H3RM3S and @CCon. You guys rock. Can’t wait to see the pictures.


This is everything


Oh.,… Sasha was a childhood friend of Brandon’s. That explains a lot


Yay! We finally found the glass report. @Endri I do believe we may need to open another thread soon, we’re almost at the limit are we not?


I say we take it public and I’ll break down this topic this weekend.


sashas notes


I made it through and found a new page.

Which is just a dead image for me. Someone jiggle the Book of Briars?


Email from the Book:

A key fragment has been discovered.
Twelve fragments remain.

Prepare yourself for your first magimystic assessment on All Hallow’s Eve.


I got the same thing as you


Just got a text from Brandon’s number, 3:33 pm


One final call perhaps?