Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Three


You should maybe check the books first to see if it’s page number? Since we didn’t see if the envelope was on page 177


Uhhh… The stream ended???


Guys? are you okay? We lost the stream.


Yes. Check the books first and get the story.


We’re fine


It’s back up


Phew! I was so scared for a sec there!


I thought the Devoted got you guys!


Okay maybe this will help - find the books first

The Bookman’s Glossary - Z118 .B75 1983

The Encyclopedia of the Unexplained - BF1411 .C32 1974
Classical Myths - BL313 .N6

I’m getting these online so hopefully they are accurate.


Great job @Kelsey, keep sending. The numbers are nearby table numbers. I can’t message on Periscope for whatever reason.


@Kelsey, can you send again?


Sam is the hero’s name!


Keep sending @Kelsey, thank you.


No problem!


Send name of book please


Do we think they have to worry about the pages anymore?


No. tell them pages are irrelevant. It’s the table numbers.


just find the envelopes


Keep telling them @Kelsey :slight_smile:


I don’t think I’m gonna be able to be around to plug in the story elements with you guys :frowning2: But I wish you all luck! Go get em!