Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Three


Say hello to Patience and Fortitude for me, will you? I’ve grown rather fond of those guys. :slight_smile:


Or can you guys follow him on periscope his name is @Cconnyc


Here’s the link for those of us who don’t have periscope.


In other news. is back to normal. Original pictures, font and orientation.

The only thing that’s new, I think, is a link to the abandonded subway station.

Edit: It is using the ‘KingRabbit’ version of the newspaper article however, not the original one.


I don’t think its significant. The Devoted had control of the site for a long time. This is probably just how it was supposed to look before they took control of it.

Edit: Strangely enough you can still see all the old file pages, including the timer (also back to normal font) if you put in the address for them.


We still don’t know what his mother meant by.

This year, on the 29th of October, the last time he left home, we will put the ghosts of our past to rest while forever keeping Brandon alive in our hearts.

That sounds like she has a plan for today. It wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye out for it.

I’ll be honest, I have been wondering if the Devoted really stole Bradon’s backpack or perhaps we go with the simpler answer. She gave it to them willingly. Still, it’s just a theory.


Ten minutes. Good luck @H3RM3S and @CCon.


Well she did say it randomly disappeared (I think they were moving). She doesn’t say how she feels, but she mentions her husband thought it was a good thing. Maybe it was him? If it was given away, it sounds like he would be the culprit.


We’re starting


@CCon and @H3RM3S are in line, about to go in.


The books should be in “General Research”


North and South halls.


North Hall and south hall?? That might be what the North and south stuff means


Mystery solved!


Make sure to get a clear picture :smiley:


It’s the answers to the game!!!


THATS IT! The thing in the forest!! ANGIE IS MADE OF LEAVES! YOU GUYS! I’m excited! HOLY COW!

The Bookmans Glossary by Jean Peters!


good job guys


Guys the table numbers might mean something. Wouldn’t hurt to check, maybe under the tables. Might be something taped under there


Good thinking! We got enough time, hopefully they see your suggestion!