Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Three


And The Forest continues to bewilder us

WHY didn’t i think of the paragraph thing


And @Brendon, the message changed at the end…

Another thing to look at.


If theres not a badge for quoting yourself while replying to yourself on this forum there should be. Endri-ception.


There’s an online PDF of Principles of Phonolgy. Maybe if we know what the number means for this book it will help @H3RM3S tomorrow with the other three.


Welcome to Limbo, @Robert.


Page 1 has no paragraphs, it’s just a wall of text. Page 17, the 7th word is “and”
Page 1, line 7, word 7 is “still”


It could be page - line number - word. some book ciphers do that


Maybe page, line, word as another possibility.


But do we go with the first page of the book or page number 1? There are roman numerals before the actual numbering begins.


and to @YankeeWhite, you guys are right, that is much more common than mine


I’d say page 1. so 177 would be ‘still’?

Unless the titles count… then It’s ‘All’


I am wanting to spread the “wealth” so I am going to let you guys keep figuring this out, and I am going to start thinking of other things with this. So things yet to solve (other than the numbers)… The repeating message line @Endri quoted and the directions… hmm…


Could it be Paragraph(1) Sentence (7) Word(7). or Page, Paragraph, Sentence/Word?


If they need to find these books in the library should we post the, umm, call number, here so the books are hopefully easier to find. Or they could just ask a librarian when they get there.


Wouldn’t hurt. I say we put together a “summary” post for @H3RM3S at the end of the night with all the tidbits of information for him and @CCon to find. That way they don’t have to scroll through so many messages trying to find it all


Anything we can do to make it easier for them, I’m all for.


Or we could just leave a message for @H3RM3S. That way it won’t get lost, just in case someone comes on and starts posting.


Yep… yep… that would just make a ton more sense. Good idea


Gonna go crash but its been a joy sleuthing with all you. I feel prerty good the numbers are page - line - word. just need to match numbers to books. or have them take pictures of pages 1 4 and 5 of all 4 and we can try all combinations. see you in the morning


G’night @Robert. I’m out too. Night all!