Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Three


That feels more in line with the rest. Vote yay? :wave:


All of those books are in General Research - Room 315 at the library.


@Endri No offense taken my friend


Haha great work everybody. Not even an hour in and we solved it! Teamwork at its finest.

Oooorrr not :smiley:


So, the number for Bookmans was 561, yes? Unfortunately this book has 200 pages according to amazon.


And here I was thinking we were gonna be up all night with this!


page 5, word 81?

or page 58 word 1


The Encyclopedia of the Unexplained: Magic, Occultism, and Parapsychology - Richard cavendish, 304 pages, our number is 434


Oh my goodness… :disappointed: Hopefully Lux is right with the numbers not meaning strictly pages… Guess I’ll keep looking :sweat:


Principles of Phonology - Trubetzkoy
The Encyclopedia of the Unexplained: Magic, Occultism, and Parapsychology - Cavendish
Classical Myths in English Literature - Norton
The Bookman’s Glossary - Peters

All in General Research - Room 315 (aka The Rose Main Reading Room)

EDIT: Keeping notes for @CCon and @H3RM3S in the morning


So the numbers and directions are still a bit of a question


434= pg 4 word 34 or pg 34 word 4
498= pg 4 word 98 or pg 49 word 8
177= page 1 word 77 or page 17 word 7
561= page 5 word 61 or page 56 word 1

this is a classic code. There was one like this in one of my Nancy Drew books i read as a kid.


I guess we can roll with that for now, and see what we get in the books tomorrow. Try all the possibilities.

Hopefully I won’t leave to get stuff for a friends birthday party before 10, I would like to help a bit


So… as @Eaves would say… you guys sorta murdered that. Great work. (Also, this puzzle was probably a lot harder in 1986 sans Google.)


Hey guys, did anyone notice The Forest is back?


Aye been back most of the day. hope we find some idea on his path soon/


It’s changed. Not just how it looks, but I swear there are some new options, and the “you got it wrong” ending is different too. Before it was just like “Incorrect, refresh the page and try again” but now it says “you have reached the end of the forest” and sends you back to the book of briars main page.


And here I am, showing up to the party late, red bulls in hand, and lots of string… to you know, show how everything it connected. Whats left to do? Figure out how the numbers relate?


The directions are still a big question mark.


The numbers could be Page, Paragraph, Word as well, thats pretty common… Although I am hesitant about 177… First pages don’t really have a lot of print on them