Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Three


Good point, Bells. Some of this information may only be useable in the library.


Not sure if this’ll help but I just learned you can actually search the New York Public library catalog online.


I recently watched a movie (or part of one, I had to come up here to help solve) that was set in new york city and there was I guess a kind of card system in the public library? Little drawers of cards. Is that still a thing, does anyone know? It took place a couple decades ago, so maybe not. If so, does it involve numbers? Maybe that’s what we are looking for? I dunno, really wild guess there.
Also thanks @Endri, really I’m just thinking of every possibility, and hoping for the best :sweat_smile: I’d rather risk being wrong than keeping it to myself in the event it is right!

Well damn, @Robert beat me to it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think that movie was called Ghostbusters… :stuck_out_tongue: The card catalog system, yes. It’s somewhat still a thing. It involves assigning numbers to categories of books to organize them. I think that’s the same thing as the dewey decimal system?


Good guess, but no! It was breakfast at tiffany’s! :smiley:


I just recently re-watched both those movies, and I freaked out whenever I saw something I recognized, especially the lions.:slight_smile:


The Encyclopedia of the Unexplained: Magic, Occultism, and Parapsychology - Richard Cavendish- page 434

Classical Myths in English Literature- Peters Rushton and Daniel Silas Norton- page 498

Bookman’s Guide to Americana- Joseph Norman Heard- page 561 (?? SUPER unsure)

and the last one i can’t find anything

I may be spinning wheels here but this makes the most sense to me. Thoughts?


Well done Lux!


Great work Lux! Sounds very right!


Principles of Phonology by N.S. Trubetzkoy - page 177?


That sounds right to me @Kelsey


Did we just figure it out, for the most part? In less than an hour?


I like it. I like it. Now the directions. Maybe the lions… Patience is ont he South side of the library, Fortitude is on the north.


Also maybe North South North South indicate where in the library to look for the books


But what are we looking for in the books? Numbers? Names? What? Also it seems apparent I may not be able to watch the stream at 10 tomorrow, wonderful :angry:


Brandon used to scribble notes in books he borrowed from the library according to his mother. Maybe he wrote something on those pages.


These feel like confirmed:
Principles of Phonology - Trubetzkoy
The Encyclopedia of the Unexplained: Magic, Occultism, and Parapsychology - Cavendish
Classical Myths in English Literature - Norton

I still think we need a book with “Bookmans” and “Peters.” The Classical Myths book had a co-author with the first name Peters (?) but the rest are last names. (no offense @luxisdead, otherwise excellent work.) What do you guys think?

EDIT: I just want to make sure we send @H3RM3S and @CCon on mission with the closest-to-correct information we can gather.


What about

The Bookman’s Glossary by Jean Peters?


I got The Bookman’s Glossary by Jean Peters. But I dunno


Lol I just found that too - jinx