Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Three


Its odd. Right at the end its says “Just have-” or something like it
Also @Robert I heard “chronology 117”, maybe that means something, I dunno


Hey guys. I know stuff is happening, but I think that devoted members wear green. The Devoted know what @CCon and I look like. There was one man in the room that s wasn’t @Reader He had his phone out and was taking pictures. If the devoted know what I look like I don’t think I should go to 42 street library tomorrow.


What does everyone think because I gotta log off and go to bed cause school really knocks it out of you.


Three tests in one day kill me now.


@H3RM3S, if you don’t, we lose. I don’t want to pressure you, but we need you. If you can’t, can @CCon go on his own?


I’m not sure if @CRSumner will be able to go at a such an early time.


Here’s what I got:
True bets coy?

Classical myths


The beginning of the message sounds like directions.

If we’re talking about the Library, maybe the directions are for inside? and the other words are books? just throwing stuff out there…


We just need to break this down. Look at what we have. Four names. Four numbers. Four titles or subjects and two directions. We just need to smash them together and figure out how some or all of them are connected.

And thanks to @Robert we know we’re not dealing with the Dewey Decimal System.

And we also know it’s the 42nd Street Library.

EDIT: And yes, I know that me getting directly involved is not orthodox, etc. but I’ll be damned if they’re going to beat us when we’re twelve hours from the finish line.


Got it we’ll go. Dang. I was actually planning on sleeping tonight. Hey just asking, what am I picking up this time? @Endri


Maybe its a number for a book in the library? Or the words are book names, and the numbers are page numbers.


Am I meeting someone or looking for something?


We don’t know yet, but hopefully by the time you wake up (we have to be there by 10 and I’m sure we can work it out if you really need sleep) we’ll know.


@H3RM3S, No idea yet. Check back in the morning and these fine people will have it all worked out for you. :slight_smile:


Go to bed, James Bond. Your Q’s will have your information ready when you get up.


Got it. I wake up early anyway. So does @CCon


Okay, what about Philosophers?

Trubetskoy (found by Googling my awful true bets coy part), Cavendish, Peters - all philosophers. And if Nordin is Norton that could be possible? Grasping at straws maybe.


And sure thing @Robert. Goodnight everyone.


This is what I heard
Trubetskoy-South ( a prominent Russian family)

Unexplained 434
Classical Myths 498
Chronolgy 177
Bookmans 561


And you said you don’t hear these very well. You made more sense of it than me.