Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part One


Its fine, I’m just concerned now about what it is I saw on the youtube app haha it seems you have it under control.


@H3RM3S, you have to be careful. We could put her at risk if someone watching knows she’s helping us.


I’ll be careful @Endri The pressure is super high right now. That’s when I’m in my prime. I won’t screw up. Promise.


I’m going with another guy called @CCon who hasn’t done anything on Basecamp 33, but know his way around NYC better than me, so we’re meeting up and going together. I just don’t want to hog all the credit. So don’t just thank me. He probably won’t reply to you guys, but I can tell him everything you guys want to say over text.


Good! I was worried about someone going alone. With such high stakes it could be dangerous to go by yourself.


Thanks for caring.


I’m going to prepare my self and do some research.


Do you guys think that the tapestries mean anything?


The tapestries were how we knew The Cloister is where the disc is hidden. As far as what they mean in and of themselves, that my friend is a mystery for the ages.


Got it. Thanks for clarifying.


You know what’s funny? At a certain point, I thought the Devoted were becoming a little more kind to us and understanding. The whole “We know its hard, we were you once.”… But now I honestly just feel betrayed. I would love to just yell at them about they are narcissistic pricks who only care about themselves, this, that, and the other. But I know that its more important to just keep it to myself for now.


@H3RM3S I dunno if you mixed up the second trial thread with this one, but I think @Endri is gonna need to hide that comment! The Devoted can’t know whats going on! Edit: Crisis averted haha


I deleted it. @H3RM3S remember, only post here, not on the public topic. We don’t want to tip The Devoted off. :scream:


I think they were like us once. According to Reader they were. But they changed.
They started being “nice” to us because they saw how we reacted to their ultimatums and probaly thought we were all just going to tell them to stuff it.


One question though. Is @Reader part of the Devoted and doesn’t agree with what they are doing to us, or part of another faction that works with the Devoted? That’s had me confused


@Reader is devoted. That first thing you said.


Thanks @Leigha!


@grimangel53 welcome to the madness! I see that Endri invited you to this.


So I’m curious about something - if @H3RM3S does meet up with @Reader and get the numbers, how do we explain how we learned the numbers from the thing they took? I wonder if perhaps it might make more sense to pretend we “suddenly” figured out the location in the public forums and then pick it up in the morning, before the Devoted strike? Just a thought, anyways.


if we do we should make it as close to noon EST as possible so they don’t have time to back out or change their plans