Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part One


Guys. I’ll just post if I find it. If I find it. I’ll post it about five minutes later. (Because I’ll spend them freaking out and stuff. I’ll look through the whole museum if I don’t find it in the room we think it’s in.


@TheBellsAreRinging it might’ve changed? YouTube has been making a lot of changes lately

or maybe you’re thinking of the record button?


Hey @H3RM3S, things are a lot weirder than they were an hour ago. The below message is from the person known as @Reader who is one of the Devoted but is helping us…

Sorry I didn’t email sooner. I can’t use my phone for this so I have to use library computers. They figured out it’s the Cloisters and it has something to do with The Seven Tributes, but they won’t make it to the museum before it closes today.

But they will be there tomorrow.

I know because Sacha is sending me.

I should get there by noon. I’ll have to give them the disc, no question, but if you send someone from the Mountaineers I can show them the number before I leave to take it back to them. It’s not much of a headstart but it’s something. I wish I could just email you from inside but I can’t run the risk of them reading my messages. And waiting until I can get to a safe line (which could be hours) is putting them ahead of you again.

She still trusts me. I don’t know what would happen if she stopped now that someone else has her ear. Sorry, but this is how it has to be.

I can wait half an hour, maybe 45 minutes, but then they’re going to get suspicious if I don’t come out with the disc and whatever might be with it.

Noon tomorrow. The Cloisters. I’ll send more info if and when I can.


It’s fine I can just post it after I find it.


It’s just easier for me. And I’d rather not start a Youtube channel just to live stream for this. Is that okay?


Maybe there’s another way to do it. I’ll look into it during my dinner.


I’ll figure out a way.


Thank you for doing this @H3RM3S. We just want you to be safe.


No problem. I don’t have anything better to do.


Sorry, @H3RM3S, we’re bombarding you with information. Let’s back up…

Just to be clear, you are now going to be meeting someone at The Cloisters who may already have the disc. They are going to show it to you before delivering it to the Devoted. They will let you see the disc and whatever else is with it. You won’t have to find it, you’ll just have to meet our double agent, @Reader. Want to make sure it’s clear before you say yes.


So I’ll be there at noon.


This is so freaking cool.


Fantastic. Thanks so much @H3RM3S. We’ll either be with you on the live stream or we’ll be here waiting to hear from you.


Alright, well that’s that. Who else isn’t sleeping tonight?


ME. I feel like James Bond right now.


I’m just going to ask everyone in the room if they are the @Reader


I remember it looked like this:

Is that the record button? If so, that’s embarrassing haha I could’ve sworn every time I pressed it by accident it said something about going live.


You got that @Reader ?


I’m not going to live stream guys.


Having @Reader know who I truly am is enough. Sorry. Maybe one day I will say.