Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part One


Right, so we need to figure out where @H3RM3S should be looking, if we can. It’s no good having him just wander around that big old place without some clue.


Do you think we should have another stream, like a more private one (so probably not on the basecamp33 facebook page, because that’s probably something the devoted have eyes on)? Or just tell him where to go?


Sorry I didn’t email sooner. I can’t use my phone for this so I have to use library computers. They figured out it’s the Cloisters and it has something to do with The Seven Tributes, but they won’t make it to the museum before it closes today.

But they will be there tomorrow.

I know because Sacha is sending me.

I should get there by noon. I’ll have to give them the disc, no question, but if you send someone from the Mountaineers I can show them the number before I leave to take it back to them. It’s not much of a headstart but it’s something. I wish I could just email you from inside but I can’t run the risk of them reading my messages. And waiting until I can get to a safe line (which could be hours) is putting them ahead of you again.

She still trusts me. I don’t know what would happen if she stopped now that someone else has her ear. Sorry, but this is how it has to be.

I can wait half an hour, maybe 45 minutes, but then they’re going to get suspicious if I don’t come out with the disc and whatever might be with it.

Noon tomorrow. The Cloisters. I’ll send more info if and when I can.


Well ■■■■, now what are we gonna do. (Censorship is my favorite color haha)


Holy crapsicles, Batman.


@H3RM3S, are you up for this? Upside is you don’t have to tear a museum apart for a disc. Downside is… everything else.


I don’t think we should send anybody who isn’t involved in this like we are. (Like Cole, the poor thing). I don’t think that’s fair. Please @H3RM3S, we need you now. Anybody here who lives in new york, we need you. I wish I lived closer cause I’d do this any day of the month.


I am freaking out!


@TheBellsAreRinging YouTube? I’m pretty sure you can make streams unlisted like videos, so they’re only accessible with a link. @H3RM3S, do you think you can do that?


Great idea Lux! I wasn’t sure if you could do that, but if you can, we have to do that!


Great idea @luxisdead! Can you or someone put up a quickie walkthrough of that process so we make his life a little easier?


We’d have to get @H3RM3S to agree to it, and set it up. I’d personally feel a lot better knowing he wasn’t just walking in there completely alone.
How to set up a live steam
there’s info in there on how to make it private.


Yeah, plus if anything goes bad or he forgets the information told to him, we have a whole clip to look at!


I don’t think that works for mobile. It talks about downloading things…


There’s another problem. what if the disc changes, like it did the other night. We won’t know about it.


Mobile live streaming
but it’s only on android. If he’s on ios were out of luck.


Maybe Periscope?


yeah oops, looks like streaming is a little tricky on mobile… as a backup option: Periscope connected to a locked twitter account? not sure how much more secure that is, but it would be hard to find without a link. {biggest problem: you gotta have the app to use chat}


Really? I had an iphone (before it broke because I spilled tea on it a couple weeks ago) and I could’ve sworn I was able to live stream. I always used to hit that button by accident. Maybe it was a false memory?


Mandela Effect!!