Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part One


Okay, I’m having a tinfoil hat thought-train about The Seven Tributes of Fancy Watches (Rochefoucauld) :grin:. If I was right about the disc being a kind of time-piece (remember Brandon wears the neogic resonator on his wrist, and describes it looking like a watch, with a crystal disk), maybe that’s what the tributes were. Discs. Given to the dearly departed to send him on his way (to another dimension). Maybe there are seven discs. Maybe it wasn’t really a funeral, but a ritual. Maybe.

I swear sometimes I fee like Roy in Close Encounters sculpting his mashed potatoes. “This is important, this means something”


Thus far the Cloisters looks like a typical monastery to me, except for one thing. The Unicorn Tapestries. I don’t see any direct correlation to anything we’re doing here, but those tapestries have… a history. A very mystical history. I’ve looked into them in the past, I had no idea they were in New York, thought maybe they were in Europe somewhere. There’s an enormous amount of symbolism in them, like a code, but no one has the key.
Oh, and they are from the collection of Morgan and Rochefoucauld. Guess maybe they’re connected after all


Brandon must have made some of this stuff obscure for a reason. He was protecting something that was pretty important to him, maybe even dangerous.Could be a whole “are we worthy” thing? I think the four paths just led us to four points/locations that just led us the four exhibits and all that does is give us The Cloisters as our destination and the home of the disc? I don’t know - that’s my take.

@Reader has just confirmed that with the additional paper info. I think we’d be struggling without his/her help on this one. The thing I’m unsure about is whether or not we can start to talk about this in the more open forums or if that means The Devoted will catch up to us - I got the sense we were ahead.


If we’re ahead, let’s stay ahead.

#105 Just to get us thinking and to see if this is it :slight_smile:


The seven gifts in the ‘Tributes’ were:

  • the spoils of the hunt
  • the water from the well
  • the blood of the battle
  • a shield
  • two locks of a virgin’s hair
  • dust from castle wall
  • tiny flytrap

The unicorn tapestries are:

  • The Start of the Hunt
  • The Unicorn at the Fountain
  • The Unicorn Attacked
  • The Unicorn Defending Himself
  • The Unicorn is captured by the Virgin (two fragments)
  • The Unicorn Killed and Brought to the Castle
  • The Unicorn in Captivity


@Tom you’re amazing!


Wikipedia is amazing! LOL :laughing:


Just found this as well. Rochefoucauld’s Grail.An ancient book believed to be the first written story of the Grail legend, possibly even the origin story It currently resides at Sotheby’s auction house in NYC
Correction, it was sold in 2010. Don’t know to whom.
Holy crap, this looks familiar! Was looking at images from the Grail, and I remembered this

The book Deidre found at Cumberland Books!!!
The book she found was written in 1474.
She found scraps of a book about 100 years older inside, The Grail was written around 1315-1320.
BTW, am I the only a bit disturbed by how new and clean and white those pages look? kinda like the drawings of Herman the Hippocampus, like they haven’t aged at all. They definitely don’t look like pages from the book above,or the picture she posted to instagram, but these are the pictures she took at Cumberland.
When the disc changed the other night on Sumner’s video, it when from being caked with damp dirt to looking practically brand new.


It’s here


Thanks @Robert, I’d just found it when you posted. :slight_smile:


So I gather someone was trying to sell this book to Cumberland. Perhaps we need to leave a message asking them if they bought it, and if not, who currently owns it?

Just a thought.


I’m still waiting for him to call me back. If he does I’ll ask about the book. But if anyone wants to give it a go, … just be foerwarned, he sounds like he keeps a shotgun behind the counter. I’m actually a little afraid for him to call me back.


One more thing I noticed as I was looking for Diedre’s post. Her description of the book Sullivan left her, ‘Through the Night’
“I manage to get in a couple of chapters of Through the Night before I have to leave. I’m officially hooked. What started as this simple little drama about a family losing a son has turned into a really exciting, even creepy, little thriller. The husband is trying to grieve but at night he goes sleepwalking and he’s like another person. He’s looking for the people he blames for his son’s apparent death (I still don’t know if I believe he’s dead) and things get… well, messy.”
Sounds an awful lot like Brandon’s situation.


The Devoted just sent an email - I’ll post it in the usual way so they don’t suspect we’re talking off main channel


Well crap. So we’re not ahead of them.


Great, so now there’s a whole other travelers disc. Was anyone else aware of that? Cause I sure wasn’t.


That they know of. As far as they know, we haven’t really been doing much of anything. We look dead in the main threads. They’re just trying to threaten us into getting it done for them.
(edit) That at least lets us know that they don’t know what’s going on in here, which is a good thing.


Just checked my own email, got the same thing @Tom did. It does seem they don’t know anything about this thread. I guess I can relax now!


Hey @H3RM3S, saw your message in the main forum, but we’ve been secretly talking here so I hid it so The Devoted don’t see it.

Mounties, here’s part of @H3RM3S original post:

Hey everyone! Since I do live in New York, I’m able to roam around and help out. (And that’s about it) I’m probably going to head to the Cloisters this weekend and look for the disc.

So we have someone who can check out The Cloisters. But we need to make a list of places and things he should be looking at while he’s there. The Devoted have shown their hand that it’s another disc. I sent @H3RM3S the Cole video from @Leigha so he knows exactly what it looks like.