Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part One


Okay. So, I’m off @Tom’s map by a block I think? But googling “lady” and each and every block on that side of the park yielded an article about a historic home, that was the original home of [Eleanor Roosevelt] ( who was a first “lady.”

I can’t tell if that sounds right or I just want it to be right…

EDIT: There’s ANOTHER Roosevelt house in that exact area, a hospital dedicated to Eleanor’s Mother-In-Law.


I went to see Sacha this morning and had a couple minutes alone with a Brandon document that they kept from you. It was with the rest of the stuff under the bridge. They’re planning to send you the information once you solve the four mazes. I can’t forward the email that she drafted because they have a couple savvy IT people who watch everything. So I wrote down what I could on my phone.

Lady - Pontault, 1126

Saint - Lleida, 1330

Angel - Tours, 1175

Kings - Reugny, 1150

There was a phone number too but it was handwritten. I don’t know if Brandon did it or Sacha. 347-815-0330

Hopefully this gives you a leg up. I think they’re close though. They found the owl. They know that the endpoints plus these details lead to a location. Probably where the next disc is.

I never thought I’d call the Devoted “they” instead of “we.”


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Those are all exhibits in the Cloisters muesum in Manhattan. Those dates are years chuches or tombs were built and later were rellocated to NYC.

I’m having trouble mapping the wordsx st the exhibits though. Almost all of them have Saints, Angels or Ladies. There’s an Effigy of the Lady in Lleida, but that’s the ‘Saint’. I dunno, but this is the palce.


Makes sense!!!

I was just looking in the areas on the map to see what I could turn up.

Saint must be Saint Margaret’s on Fulton then - there is a Saint Margaret statue in Gothic Chapel
Angel - Gabriel? There is a statue of Angel Gabriel in Fuentidueña chapel - can’t see the link to that grid ref
Kings? Not sorcerers?


GREAT FIND @Robert! At the Cloisters there’s a bust of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Eleanor Roosevelt? The Lady?


Even if we don’t know who the sorcerer is… The disc has to be at the Cloisters, yes?


Kings! As in Magi (code for magicians and sorcerers??) At 34th and Broadway there is a magic shop:


I dunno @AlisonB. Reader said the endpoints plus this clue points to the disc. We have to figure out how the endpoints factor into this too I suppose.

Also, does anyone feel like calling the phone number? I’m not up for potentially pissing off an angry New Yorker on Saturday morning. But I’m sure it’s fine…


I’m not up for international phone rates from the UK :laughing:

I think it’s Cloisters too - but where at Cloisters? If these four end points were meant to lead us there then what leads us to the exact spot where Brandon lift the disc?


I just called. It’s a bookstore called Cumberland Books. An answering machine picked up.


We’d still be spinning wheels if we didn’t have the clue from @Reader which is why the Devoted wanted to keep it from us? They probably know it’s the Cloisters by now but are trying to figure out where. Triangulate the art IN the museum? I’ve never been so don’t know if that’s even possible. Anyone been there?


Cumberland Books is the bookstore that Deirdre visited.


Ooooh. I wish I knew what that meant.


If this is like Brandon’s first puzzle, someone is going to have to go to The Cloisters. Before the Devoted. But we can’t do anything until we know WHERE in the Cloisters they have to go. We need a NYC Mountaineer recruitment office.


The reason Cumberland Books is important is that there is no physical location for it in New York, we looked for it and never found it. Diedre went there, and now we have a phone number. It must exist in another timeline, and now we can reach it, at least by phone.
I just looked at the cloisters on google earth and the first thing I saw was a portcullis. Brandon talks about one in one of his notes. Might not be relevant, but I had looked and was never able to find one before.


Wait. Deirdre is in another timeline? But Ascender talked to her way back in the beginning.


I just called and left a message asking for their location. He did not sound like a pleasant fellow.


I don’t think she’s in another timeline. I think she’s being led by other forces to places like Cumberland, places she otherwise wouldn’t be able to get to. That’s my take on it, could very well be wrong, I often am. :blush:


No, I agree. I think she’s a bridge between timelines, like her father, Sullivan and her grandparents. Possibly by being exposed to books from the lost collection as children’s nusery rhymes. That’s why beings from the other timeline, KR and LT are drawn to her.

On point here. I’m out of ideas and frustrated We have too much information for me to parse.

We have:

-4 maps that lead to nowhere specific. i was REALLY hoping this step would be more obvious given how many substeps it required to get that far. I’m not even sure I transcribed the directions right.

-4 exhibits in a museum with no releavance I can see to anything.

-A phone number for a bookstore

-A bunch of vague words, lady, angel, kings, etc that could apply to one of 8 different places or objects.

-A story about 7 offerings at a funeral

My brain can’t go in this many directions at once, especially since I have no idea if the foundations we used to get here are even solid.

The devoted are pricks (no offence @Reader) but at least they told us we were right when we did stuff.

Someone smarter than me has to find the thread here. All I see is fog.