Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part One


I got it too @TheBellsAreRinging, just didn’t see it till now : /


We should create a Hangout, It’s more secure.
Also can someone fill me in on who “The Devoted” are?


I understand. This is of course a subject of much delicacy…
Who is Brandon.
How do we stop the devoted.
The guilds must unite against them…?


I see. Is that our main mission here?
or one of many?


If the devoted do have someone on the inside, isn’t it possible they have seen this message? That they know we are deliberately misleading them? That we have plotted, to some degree, against them?
It also seems a good means of a full on witch hunt starting, since it could be anyone. I could say its not me, but its not like everyone else could truly know, and the same could be said for anyone on the forum. Even this message could be a ruse to get us to turn against each other, putting us back farther in the timeline because we are so concerned about who is the liar in our ranks, and the devoted getting exactly what they wanted in the end. Maybe I’ve gone full tin foil hat with that, but it is a possibility, and it would be very clever of them.
This has all really worried me, as I’m sure you can tell.


Is this post open for anyone to see?]


Our main mission has always been to find the Lost Collection, by opening the Book of Briars. But the people connected to the Collection are also important to us, especially Diedre and Brandon. We want to help them if we can.
(edit) And CRSumner of course, He took a big risk going out there for us last night.


What are the different guilds role in that?
Sorry for so many questions… I am so eager to learn more


Thanks for the reassurance @Leigha. Its all just very scary and frightening. I don’t want anyone innocent to get hurt or caught in the crossfire (like CRSumner) because of the Devoted’s antics, I’ve always been trying to keep people from harm I guess. I think this has all really made me anxious and paranoid about a lot of things. I just hope we aren’t falling for any tricks, not anymore at least. I’ll keep the eyes in the back of my head alert, and hope for the best!

Edit: I think I’ll be getting some sleep now, perhaps it’ll help to clear my head.


No, only the people listed in the box under Reader’s post (the first post in this thread) can see this.


Hey! You might benefit from reading @mike’s welcome post over here. You should also read the blog - there’s a handy start link over in the top left part of the site. Just keep hitting the next button and you’ll be able to read the posts in chronological order. That’ll help you get more of a sense of what’s what with the Magiq-verse. Also, if you haven’t already, you should visit the Guide to Magiq and check out the background for everything.

The guilds don’t really have a role in finding the book, as far as I understand it, they’re just a part of the Magiq-verse. It’s fun to be sorted though. :slight_smile: The people who have a role in unlocking the Book of Briars are the Mountaineers - that’s the group those of us in the forum are a part of - and whatever other groups are out there. Hopefully that helps answer your question a bit?


Oh damn, i go to get life sorted out for a week and boom, next thing we are being told this


Hey all, just got caught up on everything. My thoughts (for anyone interested):

  • I feel that this must somehow be part of the book of briars fourth fragment simply because King Rabbit is the on who introduced us to the concept of Brandon’s disappearance way back in the second fragment.
  • We know Rabbit was working with the book (yes?) so it stands that anything he gave us would be in service of the book. (I could be reaching.)
  • We know that for whatever reason the book can’t just give us the fragments. It has to be a challenge (where we learn new things about this “magiqverse” so maybe the book or the forces behind the book are just piggybacking on the puzzle Brandon had already laid out thirty years prior? Easy peasy puzzle?
  • If we were on the wrong track, wouldn’t the book have sent us a message by now? (it has in the past when we were stuck.)
  • Reader said that the Devoted want the Book too so they too are assuming that the fourth fragment is at the end of this Brandon business.

So that’s what I’ve been spending my Saturday thinking about. :slight_smile:

EDIT: This is my version of a @Robert “Random Thoughts” post which are some of my favorite posts. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure I know how to solve this, or at least a fair guess, but I totally lack the skills. I’ve been trying this for the past hour with gimp but it;s really slow and frustrating because I know squat about image manipulation. Having a cranky 11 month old on my lap isnt helping either. Even typing all this took me 20 minutes.

Here’s what I think we need.

  1. Get a map of new york city that matches Brandon’s maps in size and orientation. Like Tom did here. Putting a grid matching the grid from Brandon’s map with the same size, scale and position would be a huge help too (Tried for 30 minutes and can’t figure it out.)

  1. Take one of the animals we think is right and mark it on the map. Like the Frick Fountain (Toad). Take all the end points we think could be right and mark them too. Like the Bethesda fountain (angel).

  2. Overlay each of Brandons maps on the nyc map until you find one where a square lines up with the start,

  3. The direction arrow on the map probably tells you the direction to start walking. A would be to the left, etc.

  4. Start walking and take turns as defined by the tv episodes on the map you are. Highlight the path you walk on Brandon’s map as you go.

Wizards and warriors (G)

Start - Right - Right - Left - Left - End

Knight Rider (F)

Start - Right - Left - Right - Right - Left - Left - End

Battlestar Galactica ©

Start - Right - Left - Left - Left - LEft - Left - End

Dr Who (A)

Start - Left - Left - Right - Right - Left - Right - End

Once you hit the last turn keep walking straight on the path until you hit an End point.

  1. My guess, and it’s purely a guess, is that the path you just walked, once looked at is significant. It’s a number, or a letter or a constalation or something.

I really, really with I had the skills to pull this off, and I’m going to keep trying, but this will take me all day at this rate.if I don’t give up in frustration first.


Okay - so first, I’m just going to say it “great minds think alike” :wink: @Robert

I’ve been at this since 8am this morning (it’s now 2pm here) but I did exactly what you just described - found the starting points and mapped them to the end. I used the arrows as the starting direction.

Here’s the result:

If you then overlay that back on the map this is where we’re looking:

Lady - somewhere between E68th and E64th Street, east of the park
Saint - Between Gold Street and FRD Drive south of Brooklyn Bridge
Angel - between 37th and 33rd St - East of FDR
Sorcerer - around 33rd and Broadway

I’ve been staring at a screen so hard I have a headache and I need to lie down!


@Tom you are my new hero.

What animals did you use as start points?


They’re in the picture notations - sorry hard to see as they are in red.

Owl - Lady
Cat - Saint
Toad - Angel
Mouse - Sorcerer

I used the same pairings in the pages on the “Traveller’s Guide to the Isles of Brin”

EDIT - I’ve had a quick look on the maps, but can’t see statues that will fit these, so I don’t think we’re looking for another set of statues now.


Sorry I meant which landmarks. Maybe we just need to mark an X from all the endpoints again?



  • Mouse - Alice in Wonderland statue
  • Owl - Minerva at Columbia Uni
  • Toad - from Frick House
  • Cat - from Fortitude at Central Park Library

Based on the conversations last night these seemed the most likely places.


Oh wait - I see what you mean, do another triangulation thingy? Maybe… the locations feel more specific, but what/where do you get if you do it?