Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part One



I’ll try to blow it up and type it out.


Thanks @Mike


Great @Mike. @Reader, I don’t know if you’re still getting these, but it looks like we don’t have the full document. Can you send when it’s safe?


I saw something about it’s time to find the jeweler’s face. Rochefoucauld again.


Unfortunately the resolution is too low. I can make out some of the words on the bottom half of the document but that’s it. If we can get @Reader to send when safe, that would be ideal.

EDIT: And I know this may not be entirely cool since @Reader is helping us, but the image of her phone also shows a string of photos along the bottom. Perhaps clues that the Devoted have been following? If they’re ahead of us, maybe those thumbnails can point us in the right direction.


I honestly don’t know what real anymore. Is that just me?


No, not just you. It’s how a lot of us have been feeling for a while now.


Definitely not just you!


I’m more curious on the times they wrote on the bottom. 2pm 7pm 10pm.

Sounds like a schedule for something. Perhaps they read the document and googled when they could access the next piece and those were the times it was available so they wrote them down. Unfortunately trying to find some place doing showings at those time is a big haystack to look through.


From what I can read, it almost seems like we are going to put the pieces together (from that document) and get a phone number? Maybe those are the times we should call at.


Cumberland Books? Reader gave us their number.Maybe he (the owner)will leave messages at those times.


That’s true. @CCon and I are going to see if we can get a clearer pic of the text from the livestream


Not my finest moment… I just stole a guy’s phone on the 1. Will upload this message and pic from burner when I get to 14th Street station, where there’s solid wifi. Then ditching phone.

Good luck Mountaineers. I hope I helped. Beat her to the end, okay?


Thank you Reader!


Penguin, Hippo, etc…

EDIT: 32 would be the 32 nursery rhymes used for that clock?


Can we also take in the fact that @Reader said I look like Brandon


Yeah, that was super weird.


Yeah, spooky @H3RM3S. That also means she’s at least seen a picture of him.