Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part One


Are u in the unicorn tapestry room


Look for girl


@Reader I’m the kid in the gray hoodie


Take pics of both sides.


This is super intense!!!


@H3RM3S looks like Brandon. She’s seen Brandon.


@H3RM3S YOu’re a star! Now get out of there!!!


I have the disk @Reader made me keep it


Leaving now.


Following the isdn pattren

10 digit isdn 0195383869
13 digit 9780195383867


Do you have the image that you took from her phone?


Or a photo of him…?


Neither of the ISBN numbers works as a URL on Forest of Darkening Perhaps another site?


@H3RM3S, @CCon thank you so much…


Could be that the Reader just hasn’t relayed the info to the Devoted so they haven’t set up our next part?


It wouldn’t. We have it before The Devoted do. :sweat_smile:


Seriously great job @H3RM3S. That was seriously intense!


That was amazing @CCon and @H3RM3S! I was SO NERVOUS.


@H3RM3S as soon as you can, please upload the image you took from her phone. We have a short advantage and we want to make sure you two and Reader didn’t risk your lives for nothing.


Can someone read what that says? She I took a bad picture of this before she bolted off