Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part One


Me too, and hopefully I won’t! Especially with something so important. Though, if anyone can’t, somebody should post the video to youtube or vimeo or somewhere!


Getting in a car with @CCon lets go!


Everybody who’s not @H3RM3S and @CCon, we need to not only watch and assist on the broadcast, but also keep a look out on the forum in case Reader contacts us.


You got it, Cap’n @Endri! :stuck_out_tongue:


We’re almost there about ten more minutes.


Stay calm @AlisonB, stay calm…


Starting now


Oh wait never mind we’re starting at noon


Sorry for the let down


I was just referring to earlier thread where we talked about that map and the fact that there was a place that was marked on it, but with no name etc - The Unmarked and Unnamed from the extract :slight_smile:


Okay this is intense - the suspense is killing me! :slight_smile: (in a good way)


Starting soon guys



Easiest way to watch the broadcast is to click here and wait for @CCon to go live.


We’re starting


Refresh the Periscope page. We’re live.


By the way I’m the kid


Green Hoodie


Thank you Captain.
You have no idea how fitting that is given I work on a cruise ship.


@Reader where r u


Look for dark hair