Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part One


I’ll be wearing baggy black sweat pants and a gray hoodie.


I’m logging off for the night. Bye everyone!


Not exactly the most fashion savvy outfit but it’ll do! :stuck_out_tongue:

Night @H3RM3S. Good luck tomorrow, I might still be asleep at noon EST cause… I just typically sleep til noon on the weekends haha


That’s a fair enough point. There is the question of how ethical the Devoted are as well, if they’re making people disappear. We don’t know how they would treat the failure of one of their members. Hopefully they wouldn’t bring out the cement boots for that, but you never know. :sweat:


thanks, i think i’ve gotten…90 emails about it in the last day?


Haha yeah its crazy, but its really important


I’ll be paying attention tomorrow. the only real issue is going to be me working while this is going on.


@grimangel53 It’s very important that you don’t post anything related to what we’re talking about in here out in the rest of the forum. It could be dangerous for @H3RM3S and @Reader.


@grimangel53, you can change your notification settings so you’re not completely bombarded. :dizzy_face:


i wont. I understand the risk, and I wont be leaving this page.
I wouldn’t want @Reader or @H3RM3S to get hurt. especially since they’re the ones out in the field.
I’d go if i could, but I’m not located in NYC, nevermind not being able to because of work.

EDIT: @Endri, i’ll do tjust that


Do we want me to take the disk and possibly lose @Reader or just take pictures but let @Reader take the disk to the Devoted so they don’t know we have the info. @Endri @Bash @Leigha


I need to know before I go to the Cloisters with @CCon to ensure are safety and @Reader’s safety


Just take pictures then give her the disk back. We don’t want to get reader in trouble


Got it. Thanks @Robert


Yeah, no one needs to get hurt from this. No one.


I’m loving the idea of ‘playing dumb’ in the main thread - I feel like that is something I’d be good at #naturallydumb :slight_smile:


Ha. Good one @Tom


its a good idea. thats for sure.
Also, How did everyone get an avatar of their guild? cause id like to have mine


@grimangel53, Ebenguard?


yes sir, Endri, sir!