Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part One


Maybe one of us could say that they “have been doing some private research and found…” blah blah blah blah blee bloo blah. You know? Did that make sense? Like and after that we could move it along? Just enough to be able to get to that point though, nothing extra.


Perhaps we could do it in the morning? We could set the conversation to happen at a time where @H3RM3S could quickly pick it up shortly after. Like let’s say we have the “reveal” convo at 9:30 if H3RM3S was available to pick the disc up at 10 or something like that.


Good idea, and very very clever @Revenir!


Wait, I’m confused @Revenir. We don’t want them to know @H3RM3S is coming. At all. That could put him and @Reader in danger.


It’d be too fast for them to know. @H3RM3S would just have to vacate the area very, very quickly after we posted the public conversation. It shouldn’t hurt @Reader either because no one in the Devoted could predict that we would be able to solve the puzzle so quickly. Er, does that make sense?


Hmm that’s true… Maybe we have to do it after he gets it? I’m sure the Devoted still want us to think we can “catch up”. They may return the disc to that same place or make their own clues about where to find it. I mean, think about it. In their eyes, they have finished the second trial, and we have not. They are about to get the second disc, but what happens when we solve it too in their eyes? Do we go get it? Or do we simply do as we’ve always done and send the location we think it is at?
Maybe @H3RM3S could lie, and say that he couldn’t get to it until like, monday? Or some day after tomorrow, or maybe after noon, tomorrow.


Hmmm, this is a tricky one. @Endri you wanna weigh in on this one? Personally, I prioritize keeping our people safe over whether or not the devoted finds out we pulled a fast one on them, but we may be able to pull off both.


OMG I am so sorry everyone.


Another option to think of: We could have H3RM3S grab the disk and leave the area, then send us a message that they’re out of the area. So let’s say H3RM3S gets the disk at 9:30 and leaves the area, then we post the reveal conversation at 10:00. It’s still safely out of the time frame the Devoted has decided to grab the disk, but it ensures H3RM3S can’t get hurt.


I completely forgot the Devoted we’re on the other post


Haha its okay my dude. Just be careful next time! Thankfully @Endri keeps good track of the threads


@Revenir I don’t think so. It would be super convienient for me to be there at 12:00


We don’t know exactly where the disc is. The Cloister is huge. They know where it is.


I think the plan is I meet up with @Reader, take pictures of the disk, then leave. Even though it give the disk to the Devoted, we still have what we need and the Devoted have no idea.


If @Reader doesn’t show up then @CCon and I will bolt so we don’t get caught by the Devoted.


After I wait for a half and hour or so.


That’s a fair point. I just think it would have been convenient if we could take the disk for ourselves and get a leg up on the Devoted.


I feel we can just play it out like the disc in the park. Let them think we’re behind and trying to catch up. If they take the disc we’ll know they’re done playing with us and all bets are off. But if they want Reader to plant it back in the library for us then we play like we solve it and are going to get it. I don’t want to put anyone at risk until they’re safe. And if we play our cards they’ll know it was Reader.


Good point.


I also think we should make it easier for @Reader to identify @H3RM3S. Maybe we could say that he’ll be, I dunno, wearing a red shirt with black pants, and… I dunno, a blue hat lol Sounds like hella tacky outfit but you get the point