Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part One


We used to be all about the missing memories and Brandon as the cure for breaking open this lie of a world. But I think there’s another group that has spread through us like a virus. And I think I’m the only one who knows. They’re using us to get to Brandon, to get to you… to get to the Book. Sacha doesn’t see it. She’s blind. She was our leader and now it feels like she’s being led by someone else.

You have to keep The Timeline, it is important, aligning with Brandon is our best chance to reach him. I still believe that. But I think the Devoted are going to leave you with nothing at the last hour to take this for themselves. They’re not telling you everything. At the park, under the bridge, there was a note with the coin that led them to a buried package That’s where this latest trial came from. The audio from a cassette, and the mazes.

But they’re not giving you all the information Brandon left behind. Why? Why would they only dole out help at the last minute if they really wanted all of us to make it to the end together? Because they’re stringing you along, and planning to leave you stranded. They plan on connecting with Brandon by themselves. And now they want your Book of Briars too.

This isn’t the family I joined ten years ago. I don’t know what The Devoted are anymore. So I’m going to help you if I can, tell you everything I know, but you have to pretend on the forum like you discovered it on your own. Please. I’ve seen people disappear for less than this.

Here’s what I know from notes I’ve seen: Begin at the animals. The frog is in the fountain, the mouse is on the mushroom, the lion’s at the library.

I don’t know where the owl is (neither do they, but they’re close) but they know it’s hidden unlike the others and they know it has something to do with knowledge.

Please keep me safe and I’ll do what I can to help you beat them. I wanted to reach Brandon, that’s why we all signed on, but I don’t think Sacha is going to let us. So now I just want out. I’ll send more if I find more.

I have to go. For now. We can beat them together.

Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Three

Oh boy…


I know where the owl is.


We should coordinate in here, where no one can see us, and play it out on the forum like nothing has happened.


Where is that? Locations could be key, like finding Trinity Church and Triplets Bridge


How on earth do we introduce the animals into the conversation? They represent our guilds, maybe… I got nothing
Oh I know where the mouse is too, and of course the lions. but the frog…


Bethesda Terrace. The mouse is on the Alice in Wonderland statue.


The story that goes along with this trial mentions the animals.


The mouse, frog, cat and owl are all the stories in this. We should start a conversation in the main form about the additional files:


Thank you @Reader, you’ve confirmed what many of us have suspected since the Devoted entered the picture.


of course they are lying to us…

I could bring up the Lion drawings on the website. Technically, the pictures there were the first files given to us.


Just googled hidden owl NYC and got this:


Guys - the animals are in play - I just referenced the animal stories in the main thread. Let’s start exploring in public/legit :slight_smile:


@Validone and I have a thread going already about about Brandon’s Lions and the Guild animals, give me a second to find it and we can just continue that thread. I’ll say it has something to do with the constellations in the traveler’s disc.


Oh nevermind, I can’t find it. Let’s just go with @Tom s post.


Reference that thread in response to my post? Get it from cats to lions that way.


I am coming back in here to post this because the conversation isn’t quite there yet, but I think the Owl may be the hidden one at Columbia. The Trial Pages talk about “Athena’s…” which could be a hint that the owl is the owl from that statue


Agreed Brendon - see my post just before about what you get when you Google hidden owl NYC:


How do we get that introduced in the main thread without giving away that we already know?


I just posted the bethesda owl, go in for the kill @Tom