FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora


Do we want to maybe move the Lost Athenaeum list to another thread? Just to better organize/keep track of the responses.


SOLVED: Phase 3 Assessment: Fletcher Dawson

heeeeeeeeeeey everyones back, excellent. Sits back and has juice, too hot for tea


@inky Lightweight - its 28 degrees C here and I’m still drinking tea.
My British addictions are probably nothing to crow about however.
Would the book reference have anything to do with the fun stuff Steve shared yesterday?


The 12 Heavenly Bodies is where people need to be checking in, couple of us have been having a good crack at this the past few days.

Think we need to re-evaluate where we are and what clues we’re still utterly stuck on.


Totally irrelevant but @MissEvans is correct with her tea addiction.

It is better to drink hot drinks on hot days because it is less of a shock to your system, as opposed to a super cold drink we normally reach for.

Carry on with your good and relevant work Mounties :+1:t2:

Just a question though, we find physical locations - epic - but then what do we do with that? Or will that become clear when we (read: you guys) pin point them all? :thinking:


Honestly I can’t pretend to have read all of what you guys have done but im impressed by what Ive seen! Good work guys!


Honestly, we have no idea :joy: We’re taking it one step at a time!


We’ve got 20 clues, and I think 22 points on the constellations, so in theory, if it works, those extra two will sit on a location/s of importance.


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SOLVED: Post Fragment 12 Possible Heavenly Bodies map

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My inner nerd is showing… Nasturtium is a genus which includes Watercress. Watercress, incidentally, is one of the nine sacred herbs of early herbalism. A possible reference to Magiq? (Source: Culinary Herbs, 2nd ed.)


Let’s make sure any contributions to the 22 clues discussion goes in the Phase 3 Assessment thread.


I’m not sure if this is where to put this, but the flames in the background of the Book of Briars have gone away just now, and I’m not sure what that might mean.


They seem to still be present on my access to the book, though it’s taking longer to load than usual. If you reload/open the book again in a new tab, are the flames still missing? Is the book itself still damaged, or does it appear whole? And is anyone else not seeing flames?


For the record, all day when I reloaded it the flames were missing but when I tried to access the other pages connected to it the flames came back. I think it was actually a false alarm, sorry about that.


It happens. Happens a lot. No worries. It’s better to have false alarms then no one noticing key things for weeks on end…not that we’d ever do that. :wink:


Quick question, not sure where I missed it, but here did the word “Aorthora” come from?


It was embedded in the last communication we got from Marty Rank and Aether.

The time code and a link to the video is in this post.


A quick question. Does the answers for each key appear differently each time when you go to the Fletcher Dawson site?