FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora


It’s possible that the constellations will be reversed: we may have pictures of them from the orientation of looking up at the sky. When we draw them on the map, it may be from a POV above them.


I haven’t heard of it @Nyrlatoep. Got a link for the rest of us to see?

#587 of course!


More thinking:

Do you think its currently possible to discount any Southern Hemipshere locations (i.e Victoria, Australia) as anomalies/blips/wrong’uns as we’ve only got the one? (Seeing as the clue was Victoire as well?)

Harmony’s Discourse.
Harmony: conformity, consensus, consistency, cooperation, friendship, goodwill, kinship, ,peace, rapport, tranquility, unanimity, understanding, unity
Discourse: communication,conversation, discussion, essay, lecture, monologue, rhetoric, speech, treatise

Made me think of Geneva for some reason when looking at it from this way. Trying to think of anywhere else relevant for peace talks.


When thought of like that, I also think of the Pnyx in Athens where they held assemblies in ancient times.

Edit: And yeah, looks like Victoria, AUS isn’t what we’re looking for. It was just an idea I had at the time that kinda fitted when we didn’t really have much else.


Could someone possibly just fill me in on the map that is happening so I can help. I’m new, and a bit confused where all the information has come from!! It might help everyone out to look at it with virgin eyes as well <3


Post 440 in this thread is where the list of “possible constellations” is.
It looks like they correspond to actual locations on a map that will become the constellations from Fragments 9-12 when connected.


Thank you! It all makes sense now!


Sure. We have a collection of 20 phrases that are somehow related to what we’re doing.

Just wanted to give you a heads up that there was a document filed along with the myth summary. I don’t know if it’s related or misfiled (I didn’t even see it in the folder yesterday.) but it’s a list labeled “possible celestial bodies.”
Ring any bells?
Dying to know what you’re working on…

Vieux Haven
Wallonia’s Second
Harmony’s Discourse
The Royal Hoop
Player’s Frigate
The Swallow
Haussmann’s Sanctuary
Obregón’s Requiem
Moskva’s Curve
Forgotten Forest
Legorreta’s Interior
Zeus’ Meadow

At the core of it. This is basically all we know. This list of 20 names exist. Our job is to figure out what they mean, and why.

One theory is these names are tied to places somehow. For example

Haussmann’s Sanctuary (Haussmann was an arechitect who renenovated Paris)
Sallefavart ( orSalle Favart or Room of Favart might be Charles Simon Favart, a French Playwright who lived in paris).

So it’s possible Paris is one of the locations we’re looking for. What do we do with these locations? I dunno. Maybe we map them and they look like a constellation. That’d be nice. But it’s one running theory.


Hi @EliseCeri and all the other new Mountaineers!

Not much has happened in the past few weeks since the Recap linked below. We spent some time trying to piece together the four constellations from the last four fragments without guidance and to no avail. Sometime last week, @Firefish discovered a new piece of information on an old resource, a website called The Lost Athanaeum. It was about myths regarding the four constellations, and there was a list of “20 possible celestial bodies” enclosed. We’ve been working on that list ever since. @Robert started a great Wiki-style thread, also linked below, to help us get organized.


@Robert’s correct - the map is the best prevailing theory we have. We tossed around the idea of matching phrases to gates in Central Park, NY (which has featured prominently in past fragments), but that theory didn’t end up holding water. There’s another theory about mapping them to the actual sky, but before the list of the 20 phrases above, we weren’t really able to find any constellations in the sky that matched the four fragment-constellations. We’ve also looked at the background of the Mountaineer splash page, the Chronocompass emblem and even a “map of fairyland” used during a previous fragment, to no avail.

That being said, there’s probably much more uncertainly for all of us (veteran Mounties, “middle Mounties” like myself and new folks) because of the damage to the Book of Briars - none of us are sure about a possible Magimystical Assessment, or what the key will even do once we actually are able to piece it together!


@Augustus_Octavian What about overlaying the constellations we currently have with the points we’re concrete about? I’ve read through the thread and the idea of a set of armor seems possible, so what if by mapping the constellations on the ground it leads to another clue on the Gates?

Just a newcomer’s thought. c:


That’s what @Nimueh and @Inky are doing with their maps; check them out, they’re pretty cool. They’re organized by how certain we are about the location, and these some work at overlaying the constellations onto these points. Another set of eyes is always helpful!


Okay so, I was interested to see if Cole/Crsummer had anything on his Tumblr that might help us out and I found something that could be worth checking out… possibly! So when looking back on his feed, I noticed that he shared a picture of an old Persian book Called ‘The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam’… who is… wait for it…‘The Astronomer poet of Persia’. Is this just a coincidence? Or could there be more to this connection?

here is a link to the post he reblogged


Supposing he is indeed connected to it then there might be locations in Iran (More or less modern-day Persia) that might be added to the ongoing map.

Great find! :smile:


It’s a location to look for when we’re researching certainly.


I’ve just found there was a Persian poet known as The Swallow. Er. Don’t google that unless you have safesearch on btw.

Rashidu’d-Din Watwa, can only find anything about him referenced in this book. If the link works.’d-Din+Watwa&source=bl&ots=a_kUHm1TlT&sig=I50B4Tr9hcwMau_zxev-_9qtXJg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjojO7t6srUAhXEAcAKHbMEDNoQ6AEIKjAA#v=onepage&q&f=false


Good find! Very good find!


It makes mention of a work called, “Gardens of Magic”. A bit of a stretch but could be related to Zeus’s Meadow?


and The Forgotten Forest Arboretum, in St Peter. Jersey

a French marine biologist, Jeanne Villepreux-Power did a lot of work on the Argonauta genus of octopi.