FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora


If my theory is correct they won’t have to be bang on just close enough for us to lay the constellations over the top


That’s a good idea!


One note to make, the piints do seem to be grouping together. Like we have multiple in Paris, multiple in Moskow. Right now, if you zoom the map out to see the full thing, many of them are on top of eachother. I think it may now be a case of finding the few we’ve yet to plot and ruling out some of the weirder (read non correlating) points.


Do we need to be more specific? Like exact places in Paris or Moscow?


Well, I don’t think it’ll hinder to be specific, but certainly at least down to a city would be good. Anything bigger than that I think leaves too much room for movement considering the size of some of the countries we’re dealing with (i.e Russia, Canada, USA)


YALL! Dierdre posted to her instagram.


My points on the map for the Russia based ones look a bit like the…er…scrolls up Durkonos, possibly. It’s got 3 points in a straight line on it.

I think we need to concentrate on getting this list pinned down to locations first, THEN do the next step really.

Well saying that…this is just the Europe side, my America side is a bit empty.It’s a pain you can’t draw straight lines on the map directly. Wait omg yes you can.


Maybe the points make out the constellations?


Oops changed my map settings. Have a look.


Europe looks like an inverse/mirror image Galifanx


On the Galifanx drawing on the map, Berlin looks like it overshoots where that star would be.

I tried estimating where it might need to land, and this place looks like it could fit something.

The town looks like it circles this building, and was financed by an empress on whose birthday they broke ground on the church.

If not this, maybe we can find something in Frankfurt or Leipzig that will fit one of the things, they seem like bigger cities that may be better positioned.


Been doing some thinking. Why are some of the clues more specific, and what does that do to help us? I mean, Player’s Frigate suggests a ship belonging to someone called Player. If we could find a person called Player, then maybe we’d get a location. Same for Legorreta Interior; if he’s an architect, then it suggest the inside of one of the buldings he was invloved with.

I also may have found another lead on Zeus’ Meadow. In Sophicles’ play Trahcaniae, Zeus is said to have a meadow on Mount Oeta. This mountain is also supposed to be where Heracles built is own pyre and had himself burned. Another possiblity is another bride of Zeus called Eurynome, who was an Oceanid and Titaness of water-meadows and pasture land. The name is also given to an asteroid.


I forget the actual name of the building (it’s in the notes I can look at tomorrow, probably easier to just look it up again), but I found a Legoretta project that received an award that had Europa in the name that’s somewhere in Madrid. But the site for the building company has pictures of all(?) the projects they’ve worked on if another one fits better.


Hey everyone, I’ve been doing some looking into 787 Moskva, and something that is mentioned is a light curve? Which definitely seems like a contender to be Moskva’s Curve? if these do manage to all link back to celestial bodies (I have no Idea how Bersimis-1 would fit, I’m just spit balling), then perhaps plotting their positions in the sky could show us something? The technical skill to do that would be way beyond me, let alone matching all the names to the appropriate Celestial bodies, but it was a thought I had.


Alternatively. Could these constellations fit in somehow? I feel like two separate sets of constellations that aren’t locatable in the sky must be connected… somehow… maybe…


I had a thought that maybe there was a frigate in Battleship, but I found a DOS game instead. I don’t know if the coordinates are real or not, but there’s a California address on there as well.


Going to try and do some fiddling about in

I may be some time.

walks off into The Storm :wink:


Has anyone pitched the Corryvreckan Maelstrom just off the coast of Scotland as the swallow?


There is a TON of great ideas in this thread. Everyone’s help is very important to solving this.

There is one theory a few of us think is very promising. The idea that these 20 clues map to some number (4? 5? 6) of physical locations in the world. Paris and St. Petersburg keep coming up, for example.

In order to follow this one train of thought to it’s (hopefully) logical conclusion I’ve started a separate thread to talk about the maps and which locations each clue could map to.

Everyone is welcome to join in! This isn’t being moved to exclude anyone, just to narrow down the focus of investigation of that one thread to one topic in the hopes of proving it right or wrong as quickly as reasonable.

Here’s the thread.

Keep all other great ideas coming in this thread as well!


Well then.
It appears:
Galifanx, if you reverse it, has points sit on Liege, Paris, Madrid, the sea north of Algiers, and Vienna.

Durkonos is more of a guess, using the 3 points we have, the central one isn’t quite on but it’s close (finding the curve in the railway is hard on a modern map), the left middle point is on Vinnitsy, the right is on the lakeside by Dor, curve point is on the shore of Lyokshmozero
map2.pdn (1.3 MB)