FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora


There’s a map of the course? Idk Forgotten Forest is probably some reference to mythology or a clearing of space in some country’s history/ culture

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Forgotten Forest - North Central PA?


This said something about there being tracks, and Moskova’s Curve could be a set of tracks linking two other hinted cities. Maybe there are some other train track references connecting other locations?


I think @Leigha is onto something maybe? Central Park ties into a lot of the story so far and I wouldnt be shocked if this ties in as well, maybe the gates are tied to the guilds somehow? Are the extra gates tied to the Unnamed?


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Lol I quoted that exact source originally :sweat_smile: Therefore I’d say we should assume (for now) that it’s there




It was a good idea, but as Endri pointed out a bit ago the original central park had 18 gates. It’s probably not tied to central park.


^ I second Robert’s opinion. No offense everyone :confused:


Zeus’s meadow could refer to a place on Crete. Crete was said to be the birthplace and home of Zeus before he rose up against his father.

Edit: Moment of enlightenment - In mythology, Zeus kidnaps a maiden, named Europa, from a meadow. He kidnaps her in the form of a bull. He takes her to Crete to become queen.

Europa is also a celestial body. It is one of Jupiter’s moons.


Which ties into the idea that the Rings of Saturn = the royal hoop


Sorry, so many great posts, I can’t keep up! I pinned it on the map.


Could the 18 gates be related to something in space? We keep coming back to Jupiter’s moons so maybe the answers are up there instead of down here? And are we looking for something related to the 18 gates or 20 gates? That’s still confusing me.


I feel like we’re going round in circles a little bit here, with people finding the same things over and over. I’ve added some more stuff to the spreadsheet that @Mordiscas set up and I’ve tried to split out the people/places/space references that we’re finding (hope that’s okay!). Then we can keep track of what’s been discovered so far.
I’m not seeing anything yet that ties all of these references together, although I did come across a couple more asteroid names.
@Endri seemed to hint against linking this to the Central Park gates - unless I’m reading it wrong?


Endri has hinted at physical locations that are not the gates.

I would also suspect that the locations are all earth based and possibly when lines are drawn all over the place, converge on one spot. So getting co-ordinates/accurate pointers for the precise locations is probably an idea. Make their pins another colour or something. Have vagues another and guesses another.

The planets were named for the gods, remember, not the other way around. ‘Hey! A giant thing in the sky!’ exclaims some Roman/Greek dude. ‘It is an omen of our god. It is the star of Jupiter!’
The Greek gods were well into their mingling around with mortals.


Just realised there are a lot of revolutionaries coming up. Either in the war sense, fighting for Napoleon, fighting for Mexico etc, or artisticly.

Perhaps thats an angle we need to think about.


I feel like we need to start at the beginning again. We keep going back to the same points over and over again.


@Mr5yy, I think we’re on to something with the maps. It’s just difficult to map locations systematically because there are so many of them. Maybe breaking the essentials out into a separate thread and then building from there may help us organize.


My personal theory is that the list of “possible celestial bodies” are places on earth and that the constellations link all these places up, HOWEVER there’s 20 “possible celestial bodies” and 22 points in the constellations meaning that 2 points get overlapped these two points are the ones we need to crack the fragment


Okay, I’ll see what can be done to reorder the map. Colour system sounds like an option, though at the moment I don’t think a single location is certain except the generator for Bersimis-1. Nice clean up of the spread sheet @Firefish , so much easier to read!

Edit: I can make layers showing locations in certain categories. Maybe 2 or 3 would be an idea, such as Certain, Strong and Possible. Could colour code also so we know which of the 20 each mark belongs to, but that may be too much.