FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora


Thoughts are always welcome in this fragment stew! :smile:
I will also stop making cooking references!


I just wish we had a recipe.


I think you might be onto something here!


Well found chaps, I love how there seems to be an Ancient Greek esque pattern here.

I assume that this extra file may be part of the memory dump Aether managed to do?

Next question: can we map the 20 names, via the Greek relationships onto the 20 gates?


I’m tyring that now, though not neccesarily using Greek relationships.

  1. Strangers’ Gate - Rumyantsev? (Based on one being Foreign Minister)
  2. Boys’ Gate - Royal Hoop? (based on Ganymede) Swallow? (greek myth of Procne)
  3. Gate of All Saints - Cristossangre (based on mean "Christ’s blood)
  4. Mariners’ Gate - Vieux Haven (based on it being a port)
  5. Hunters’ Gate
  6. Naturallists’ Gate - Capucine? (based on it being french for nasturtium) Haussmann? (based on his building of parks in Paris and being buried in a garden cemetery)
  7. Women’s Gate - Victoire? (french princess) Swallow? (greek myth of Procne)
  8. Merchants’ Gate
  9. Artisans’ Gate
  10. Artists’ Gate
  11. Scholar’s Gate - Wallonia’s Second? (second Minister-President Andre Damseaux)
  12. Children’s Gate
  13. Inventors’ Gate
  14. Miner’s Gate
  15. Engineers’ Gate - Bersimis-1
  16. Woodman’s Gate - Forgotten Forest
  17. Girls’ Gate
  18. Pioneers’ Gate - Obregon’s Requiem (Alvaro Obregon)
  19. Farmers’ Gate - Royal Hoop? (Ganymede was abducted by Zeus while tending sheep)
  20. Warriors’ Gate - Victoire? (HMS Victory) Sadovay? (Fields of Mars, god of war)


It looks like something Aether set up with the Lost Athanaeum/The Low folks prior to the events of the Storm, based on the timeline referenced by the librarian in the first few lines.


I would just caution that the Council named themselves after the park’s original design, which only had 18 gates, not 20.

This might not be connected to Central Park.


The gates might be constellations.


I agree, I don’t think we should just randomly connect the park and the constellations without any clues to the park.


As ever, the ‘what do we do with it!?’ question.



Make more random connections based on coincidences until we find what sticks!


Endri, have any helpful thoughts? We could always use some veteran Mountie insight!


I don’t know… I do think the clues lead to physical locations, I just don’t believe they’re in Central Park.


Well, thats something at least.

Is the thingy where you could plot lots of points on googlemaps still a thing? Once we work out a location, put a pin on it.


@Nimueh has already started a wonderful map here.

I think mapping these is the best idea we currently have.


Feel free guys to add to that map as we find new links, anyone with the link should be able to edit. I’m gonna try and go through the spreadsheet now and finish up what’s on there. We can also remove points as/when we find them irrelivent.

I agree that the gates doesn’t seem like it’ll go anywhere, my previous thing was just exploring it to see.


Great contribution, @Nimueh!


Yeah, Nimueh is doing great :+1:t2:


I take it that the locations once plotted wouldn’t make the constellations we already know about?


My workings. If they were vague/not locations they’re not on the list.

Rumyantsev Museum in Moscow

Vieux Haven
Old Port of Marseilles, possibly

Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Wallonia’s Second
Wallonia - Belgium region. Second largest city Liège

Order of Monks, headquarters Rome

Name of a lot of Russian localities.

Haussmann’s Sanctuary

Obregón’s Requiem
Mexican revolutionary. Places linked: Sonora (burial place), Parque de la Bombilla, Avenida Miguel Ángel de Quevedo at Insurgentes, San Ángel, Mexico City (massive statue)

Paris Opera house


Moskva’s Curve
Possibly the massive curve in the railway line caused by the Tsar bumping over his finger?

Legorreta’s Interior
Mexican designer named Legorreta

Zeus’ Meadow