FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora


The Swallow is also an egyptian hieroglyph for “wr/ur” and “great”.

Edit: Also found a couple of ships by this name following the above post mentioning one.

Edit 2: And a city in Linconshire if we’re going to follow the places route.


Saturn makes more sense than anything I’ve come up with.
I’m digging through my friend’s mythology and religion textbooks and all I have for Royal Hoop is several references to earrings in Hinduism (Karna Kundala, Makarakundala, and Shiva Kundala).
Even more of a stretch, Odin had an armband that gave him endless wealth (Draupnir).

Also just checked the Guide. No new assessment links there.


I just added something about a possibility for the royal hoop.

There are so many possibilities I think we should find some focusing points as far as searching goes. Like maybe one being: mythologies that deal with the sky/night/stars? You know to try and narrow the vast array of possibilities.


With the past two assessments, they were related to the themes of the found fragments. Assessment 1 had floral fragments and the test was about a spell. Assessment 2 had animal fragments and the test had a convoluted tetrahedron of animals. So with constellation fragments, this assessment will probably have something to do with stars/space.

Maybe we should bold space connections or make them blue or something so that they stand out?


Agreed! Let’s bold them :slight_smile: also I apologize if I mess up the url links. Using my phone and the spreadsheet doesn’t like to cooperate.


The Royal Hoop could possible be a connection to Ganymedes, the royal cupbearer of the Greek gods. He was described as having a golden hoop.


That would fit in with a bunch of the Greek stuff we’ve already found


For the Swalow there is Swallows Falls nation park in Oakland


I spent a bunch of time searching Fletcher Dawson and found a Canadian judge, a manager at Tyson Foods, a random emo kid on Twitter and a red-headed actor named Dawson Fletcher. All dead ends.


Okay, so I’m seeing three/four different themes occuring in the list. The first is Greek myth/Celstial bodies. I’ve linked these cause celestial bodies tend to be names for greek/roman figures. We’ve got 7 myth referances so far, with 4 celestial. I’m seeing a couple of ship refeances also, 6 of them. The final possibility of locations, with about 10 being fairly specfic. Maybe we should focus our searching in these categories?


I’ve found another possible lead. Sallefavart broken down it Favart’s Room (well, should be Salle de Favart, but close enough for me). He’s a French playwrite, manly of comedy bythe looks of it, linking him to Opera-Comique. I’m seeing also a couple of his plays are based on greek myth.


Good find Nimueh!


I started a map. Feel free as you all find stuff to add/remove location tags as needed. Might be good to see if the locations have any connections with each other or with Deidre’s travels (I’ve added a seperate layer for her, but haven’t started mapping it out yet).


I wonder how Galifanx, Gladitor, Durkonos and Aorthora fit in to these.


Random theory. Perhaps the concept of them being sword, shield, armor and helmet is a clue to how they should be ‘positioned’ somewhere?

So the armor would be in the center. The helm on top, the sword on one side and the shield on the other? Probably tradtionally sword on the right?

What we do with that information. I got nothing.


Ganymede is also one of Jupitar’s moons!


Maybe the sword, shield, and armor pieces also represent sites of battles? The sword would be an assault, the shield a defense, and the armor pieces various layers of fortress, like the chestpiece for the Magnot Line in France?


This isn’t the time to be talking about overwatch Vic! :rage:


But Ganymede is sooooo cute!


Okay, had a random tin foil thought that maybe this might somehow tie in to The Council’s 18 Gates of Central Park. Went back and checked the list the Lost Athenaeum gave us, and there are 20. Then I remembered that there are actually 20 gates in Central Park. Dunno if it connects, but thought I’d throw it in the idea cauldron and let it bubble.