FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora


Which would connect it to Zeus’ Meadow as well as some others I am sure, if these are in fact connected somehow


What if they are not all connected? Perhaps we’ll find some outliers or red herrings


I should have prefaced it with the fact that they may not be connected at all, any of them. My theory was only a tin foil hat theory. In fact, I may have placed a second tin foil hat on top of one that I already had on for that theory :wink:


Just added some updates to the Spread Sheet!

Whoa! Turns out The Forbidden Forest series is four chose your own adventure novels. Didn’t Brandon have adventure novels or something of that caliber?


Jason also had a large relationship with Zues within the mythology. He was greatly favored by Hera, goddess of marriage and queen of the Olympians, who was Zues’s wife.

Zues’s meadow could refer to the Garden of the Hesperides, where he planted his wedding gift to Hera. A tree that bore golden apples. Most of the Argonauts had their own myths involving golden apples. Such as Heracles and Atalanta.


Royal hoop could be related to the traditional depiction of a crown, which is a hoop crown. Hence “Royal Hoop”.

Also, total :tinfoilhat: theory. Perhaps it refers to the ring around Saturn.

Saturn shares its name with a Titan in Roman mythology. Saturn was king of the Titans. So Royal Hoop. Royal Hoop around Saturn?


That would also tie in with Moskva 787 and Europa because they’re both in space which ties in the Gods, which ties in with The Argonauts


Wow you guys have been doing amazing things while I was sleeping!

Early morning thoughts… Bersimis-1 is in Quebec not France, but that then means we have two links to Canada.

Reading the links I feel like this could be describing places on a journey… for example travelling from Russia to France and then to Canada… Has anyone tried plotting places on a map?

And another thing to wonder about is that the Requiem song is about a golden frog. Probably a red herring but you never know


I may just not be familiar enough, but does this mirror Dierdre’s travels?


Maybe there’s a link on the Basecamp website not the forum


claps yay someone found a thing!

I knew we were missing something. :slight_smile:

Now to fiddle with what we’ve got…


I don’t remember her going to Russia. She definitely went to Canada. I’m pretty sure she went to France, but she definitely has connections to it via Anne of Brittany.
@Revenir made this map a while back.


Do you think this could tie into Deirdre’s future travels?
I doubt she’ll update her blog before we find the fragment though…


Speaking of golden frogs:

The Panamanian golden frog is something of a national symbol, appearing on state lottery tickets and in local mythology. When the toad dies, it is thought to turn to gold and to bring good luck to those fortunate enough to see it. In 2010, the Panamanian government passed legislation recognizing August 14 as “National Golden Frog Day”. The main celebration event is marked annually by a parade in the streets of El Valle de Anton, and a display of Panamanian golden frogs at the El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center in the El Nispero Zoo, El Valle.

Possible link to Legoretta? This also gives us another location:

I might have found a few leads for The Swallow.

First lead:
In this Greek tale, a trio of sisters turns into birds to escape death. One of which is a swallow named Procne.
This would tie in with the Argonauts, 787, and Europia.

Second lead: In Egyptian lore, Swallows were associated with the stars and the dead. It is said that the dead could be turned into swallows. But back to stars:
In Spell 1216 of the Pyramid Texts, the pharaoh describes how he has “gone to the great island in the midst of the Field of Offerings on which the swallow gods alight; the swallows are the imperishable stars.” The imperishable stars were those near the North Star that never seemed to rise or set, and therefore were “constant”.
Ill leave that link here (not much on the page that I didn’t say, you could probably find a better resource):


It could be future travels…has anyone tried connecting the dots from her past travels??


There’s also the “miracle” of the swallows of Capistrano, at the mission of San Juan Capistrano in California, every year on St. Joseph’s Day. Swallows have special various meanings in Italian and Greek cultures.


Ugh…almost everything on the list has multiple meanings/ other related topics/ differences. They’d all probably connect in a thousand ways via the Six Degrees of Separation!


For Haussmann’s Sanctuary
I come up with references to Paris.
There is apparently a family operating a childrens shop. (probably not a lead)
Haussmannian buildings in Paris built sometime around the medieval era. (actually a historically protected area)
And a baron by that name during the same time.


I think Sadovay (Street) is connected with Rumyanstev via the
Rumyantsev Obelisk in Rumyantsev Garden in St Petersburg, Russia.

The article also talks about the Field of Mars which is where they buried a lot of people during the Russian Revolutions. Mars = Roman God of War.

90% sure I am reading too much into this.

Also Possible (doubt it) Lead for Player’s Frigate is the USS Constellation,
How do i know this, you ask? Well i googled Player’s Frigate Constellation and the wiki for the ship came up. Its been around for a long time and was in action during several wars (noticeably the French Quasi-War and the War of 1812) and famously fought the french ship La Vengeance.
Link is here (sorry if false lead, but we got nothing on the frigate) :confused: :


Sorry, just some observations from a fresh pair of eyes.

Why does it say “vieux Haven” though? Why not “Vieux Port” which would be correct french or “old haven” which would be english? Why the combination?

Why are there two “s” in Cristossangre? Surely that should only be one: Cristo Sangre.

Wallonia’s Second: maybe the second largest city? the region marked 2 on the map on wiki?

Harmony’s Discourse: This could be anything from chaos to music. If looking for more mythology referances (as I’ve seen a lot of them) Harmonia is Greek, or Concordia in Latin, and Eris/Discordia is the opposite. Eris is a dwarf planet.

Royal hoop could again be anything. I always think of hoop as an ear ring, but that’s just me.

Victoire: Again, mythology would give this as Nike/Victoria.