FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora


Also, previous links, from the first two locks, still work. If the Book was truly burned, then the links would have too. However, as that is not the case, I choose to believe that the energy is still there and the burning was not truly harmful.


@Mordiscas You’re absolutely sure that the links work? No matter what I type in, other than the latest constellation, I’m always brought to the same image.


@BlackBronze You’re totally correct, I was under the impression it didn’t! Thank you! It was wishful thinking


I really wish we had something to go on.


We have the constellations


Yes but what do we do with them?


You could stop by and tell a story by the campfire.


Both the Book of Briars and the Magiq guide have always worked in mysterious ways… sometimes they just need a little bit of time and all we can do is be ready for the, when they need us


Thinking about titles to go with the badge for the Book’s “Cosmos” key. How about ‘Liberator’?

EDIT: Happy to hear other suggestions…


I was thinking “Stargazer”

too cheesy?


Alternatives include
Dreamer, Visionary, Seer, and Diviner


No, Stargazer is entirely appropriate.


I think Stargazer is perfect


Stargazer sounds the best, at least to me.


I’m with @OracleSage, Stargazer would be perfect. As always, send me a note if there’s anything I can do to help.


I just have to ask because something has been bothering me for the past few days. When the fragment was found hidden in the video, did we make sure to check through the rest of it as well? Was it the only thing Aether sent through? I would have thought that there would have been something else by now, but the forum has gone…silent.
It makes me scared.


I’m wondering if we missed something too. It’s been 15 days now, Marty or Aether or someone should have been in touch.

The video is the only solid thing we have. The constellations, if that’s what they even are, we’re getting nowhere with. The BoB is silent and gone, for now.

Maybe we do need to start working on that video again. Find that data dump Aether did.


Maybe we should go and look in some past fragments for some hints? Or try to contact someone other than the usual people for assistance.


does anyone know anything about Marty - where he might send the data? Any friends he might have confided in?


GUYS! I found this at

Librarian Request Responses:
Sorry it took so long to follow up on your request, I knew I remembered those names from somewhere but had to do some digging to find the source.
Galifanx, Gladitor, and Durkonos are objects in ‘The Myth of Elainnor’ by author Fletcher Dawson. They’re names of a shield, sword, and helmet, respectively. There’s a fourth object, but all we have on record is a partial summary of the story. Another librarian I work with thinks the missing piece might be armor (using context clues and process of elimination.)
Hope this helps. What are you working on, btw?
ADDED 6/06/17
Just wanted to give you a heads up that there was a document filed along with the myth summary. I don’t know if it’s related or misfiled (I didn’t even see it in the folder yesterday.) but it’s a list labeled “possible celestial bodies.”
Ring any bells?
Dying to know what you’re working on…
Vieux Haven
Wallonia’s Second
Harmony’s Discourse
The Royal Hoop
Player’s Frigate
The Swallow
Haussmann’s Sanctuary
Obregón’s Requiem
Moskva’s Curve
Forgotten Forest
Legorreta’s Interior
Zeus’ Meadow

787 Moskva is a minor planet orbiting the Sun.