FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora



Human rights angle, and tell him they are hunting a person not a virus.
Using the tech spin mentioned too?


You could ask him to look into the attack and see if it’s all his higher ups say it is.


That’s a good point. I think we need to get Whistler to find Aether immediately. They don’t need to know about the magiq, but they do need to know that a young boy is either going to be killed or has been killed by KS. And they may have the tools to help save him.


Alright. This should keep Whistler from getting too itchy. He’s been ready to tear that place apart. Knowing a kid’s life is on the line will give him something to do, and the responsibility to do it carefully. Will draft email and send over.


Didnt see anything from Aether… Im freaking out for him right now.
I will personally make him a body if it comes down to it!


How about this?

The truth is I’m working with a kind of human rights group. We have cause to believe that Kendrick might not be the only person the company has in their medical facility. We think the company has been carrying out experiments on human beings, three that we know of, possibly more. A young man’s life might be at risk and to move forward we need to know whether or not he’s there. If he’s alive. Is there a way you can carefully get access to medical, or medical’s security feeds?

This the first step in taking them down, Whistler. Making them pay. It’s starting today, with you. He doesn’t have a lot of time left, but we can’t do this if you’re not safe and unseen. I know this is putting you at risk. I wouldn’t ask you to do it if it wasn’t critical.


Aether sent the same message again to me at 9.06 uk time.
Going to reply.


Well phrased. Thanks @Marty.60


I think that’s really well worded Marty - it gives Whistler something to do but leaves it up to him how much risk he’s willing to take :slight_smile:


Just figure I’d throw this out there.
In theory, going along with occult studies, there are three pieces to your body. The physical body, the mind, and the soul. From what I can understand of the texts, the main goal is to get to a point to where you don’t need this physical body and can be alive and dead at the same time, thus breaking time in itself. There are two ways of doing this from my knowledge, either the esoteric/hermetic way or using technology and creating bodies that would never deteriorate. Could this be what they are attempting at KS? They could possibly be trying to download live consciousness into the internet, because you guys are saying Aether needs a hole in the firewall to get back to his body. Just with what I’ve been up to in my experiments and research, it can almost be done but in a different manner. Connecting or syncing up the brain to the internet so that you can feel/speak with the internet and it will show you certain things, but the mind has to be in the right intoxication to have it happen. I know I sound a little crazy talking on this subjet but take it how you will. I do believe his body is still alive and well, I think they are missing a few pices of the puzzle. Think Ghost in a Shell.

Hopefully my madness can assist in helping, but if not then disregard my post.


I think that’s perfect, @Marty.60


Great work guys, keep checking your email. Aether must be found and rescued.

PS: sorry for being absent, college is draining me


Sent the email last night. Had a message this morning I just caught in my spam folder.

Thanks for telling me the truth, Martin. I’m on it.


This is the most nervous I’ve been for someone here. At least when Cole and @H3RM3S went out they were in public places. This guy is totally surrounded and alone in there.


So we just wait out his shift and watch our inboxes.
Crikey this is tense.


I guess we just stay on our toes and keep fingers crossed. Thanks for the update, @Marty.60.

I don’t know that I’m ever going to feel very good about leaving the dangerous work to other people. I might be prematurely aging as a result of the stress. But… I’m grateful we have allies.


Since I never really got to say it, due to life jerking me around at the wrong time; we love you here Marty. It’s not just because you help. And it’s not just because you work hard. It’s because you’re compassionate and driven. You don’t have to be doing any of this, but you are. You go out of your way, and risk a lot to help those who can’t help themselves, and you do things that many of us can’t.

More importantly, you’re family here. I can’t say it any better than it’s been said already. You’re family. I don’t see that changing, so buckle up. Our reunions are intense. We love you, brother.

On this note, thanks for keeping a level head and handling Whistler as well as possible. I feel like the way you’ve interacted with him has steadied him and helped him. Maybe I’m a stickler, but I love when people don’t forget the little guys. You’ve treated him with respect, and I think that’s a large part of why he trusts you.

Now we wait.


Did anyone else get emails from Aether?

So far characters that were substituted in out were:

0 / 0

o a l o

Not entirely sure if it actually has anything to do with the fragment or if it’s because he’s getting weaker.


Is anyone else worried about the lack of activity?
Not much has been said since the last fragment was solved, it’s weird, considering there’s normally so much life. It feels eerie.


I’ve noticed these recent fragments tend to wait until we’ve found the first step before the Book announces them. It might be out there somewhere and we just need to find it. I haven’t seen any changes on some of the usual places though. I’m kinda hoping Whislters gets us a lead or Aether speaks up again.