FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora


I’m not sure that’s the right answer, either; considering how many of us it took to affect a single person, could we have the collective power to achieve magiq on the kind of scale where we could affect every personnell member in an entire building?


If I had asked you six months ago if we had the power to affect one person’s memory, what would you have said? :slight_smile:

Dream big.

Edit. But yeah, you’re totally right. It’s probably out of our grasp at the moment. Maybe Aether can find us a ‘turn it up to 11’ spell that amplifies existing spells.


So in summary:

  • Whistler managed to set up a security breach that will have KS go black for ten minutes.

  • @Marty.60 is going to meet Whistler at KS during the breech.

  • Marty will head for Portencia while Whistler will take Aether back to his body.

  • While this is happening we Mountaineers will need to have prepared some kind of distracting/freezing/memory spell that can be broadcast on every screen in KS to give them all a chance at escaping.

So the current list of things we need for this to work:

  • @xxxxaetherxxxx to dig up some spell to help us out / or we’ll have to go with the only thing we know that might work which would be the Consolatory Tea Time spell

  • @Marty.60 to decide if he is down for this. I understand if you are hesitant to do this. It’s a massive risk and even if it goes exactly according to plan, there are still a lot of variables and opportunity for this to go sideways.

  • We need to hear back from Aether on if he’s tracked this plan and if he’s onboard with hitching a ride in on Marty’s phone.

I think that’s it so far. Next Wednesday isn’t that far. We just have to hold on and prepare as much as possible.


Seems pretty spot on @Mr.Fern.

Also, I agree with @Robert, if Aether isn’t able to find us some sort of spell or some other form of assistance, we better be prepared to brainstorm and plan something that could help out. It seems a little daunting right now, but for all you new recruits, it won’t the first time this rag tag group of Mounties has been able to do something like this. We just need to be positive, hopefully Aether is able to get through The Low and locate something, but we also need to be prepared and a bit “real” in this situation.


I think that the Consolatory Teatime would be good. Considering what Whistler said throughout the eleventh fragment about memories being implanted (and maybe a whole education), it’s possible that many of the KS workers are being held against their will, but simply don’t remember. If we somehow perform the Teatime on a greater scale, we could also release all the workers (if that’s even a concern)


Here is where they mention it exactly


So if we could somehow let everyone’s memories come back…


I think you may be on to something, but that level of bedlam may or may not be beneficial, depending on who is actually brainwashed and who isn’t. And what emergency protocols they have in place. We could wind up getting a lot of people seriously hurt.

That’s my second concern. The first would be that it may interfere with Whistler and Marty and the adepts getting out of the building. I hate to say it, but until they give up and surrender, so to speak, I consider everyone in KS to be personae non gratae. Periculosi.

Or, it could create enough chaos for them to escape easily. That’s an alternative.

Maybe we should give Aether a few days? See what alternatives he can drag up?


The concern with using the Consolatory Teatime - it’s dangerous. We saw the effects with Augernon, with him having some kind of seizure at the end. We don’t know the state of Augie’s health now, either. I worry that doing the teatime spell on Whistler could have negative health effects - maybe even make it so they couldn’t perform the search and rescue. Just seems too risky to me.


Is Constance still active? Do you think she would assist us again, knowing that she has access to a magiqal (magical?) library?


She did already assist us with the Joradian Safeguard spell, so maybe she has more?


If I remember correctly… KS wiped her memory and brainwashed her a while ago, when they took Aether. They didn’t want her to keep looking for him.


I agree wtih @Revenir - I would not agree to participate in inflicting at least mass psychological trauma (in seeing what Whistler has been going through since his head injury) and at most convulsive seizures on an entire building of people.

Remember that before his head injury, Whistler was very clearly “one of them.” Now, I feel he’s very squarely “one of us.” Given what’s being done to them, I would consider most of the other rank-and-file KS employees as innocents, and they are the ones that would actually be affected by Consolatory Teatime, not the actual villains like Ted and the higher-ups.


Guys, new email from @xxxxaetherxxxx

Check your inboxes.


I just got this email from Aether:

"mmber spaces betwn

ts time to mK yor own magiq"

Remember the spaces between. It’s time to make your own magiq.


Oh boy…


I got a different email:


“You can do more than you think, more than mundane. Remember Lachmann”


So we design our own spell?


Which is what Brandon Lachmann did.