FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora


I don’t know where else to post this. If there are enough other messages or something, I will make a separate topic. But I just got an e-mail from Aether. This is what it says:

Want t0 help but hard

Is trying to keep me out. Need to get bck to body. to help them

Came in at 12:29 Pacific Time with no subject. Did anyone else get this e-mail or a different one?

SOLVED Fragment Eleven: Durkonos

Well that’s definitely something Whistler might be able to help with. Get us an opening in their system so Aether could get back in.


I’m going to create a Fragment Twelve topic in a moment of uncharacteristicly blind optimism and move this there.


Thanks Endri! I didn’t know if I should be optimistic about a new fragment or I should just wait until we got word from the BoB


Got one from Aether too

Time stamped 20:28

Losing myse/f


Aether, Whistler or something will hopefully spark Fragment Twelve at some point. Might as well have a place for it…


We should probably start compiling the letters that are changed. Whether it should be the “/” in “myself” (MissEvan’s email) and the “0” in “to” (My e-mail). Or the “l” and the “o” it is replacing. You know, just in case.

I feel like that is about as clear as mud


I’m worried they might not even be a puzzle. It looks so much like Traveler’s degradation.


Hey, I got this email?

Lo0king for me
Try in to trap me hurt me
Trying to kill me

It’s saying I got it at 2:29 but I’m not sure if that’s the time I checked it. :sweat:

But uhhh… I’m kind of freaking out for him? Why are they trying to kill him, have they given up on him?


Hmm, you are right. I didn’t even think of that.


Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. If I have to go there and drag his body out myself I will. We’re not gonna lose him. My only concern… if he’s right and they’re trying to kill his “mind” have they already destroyed his body?


:confounded: This is what I was afraid of. We have to help him get back to his body!


Yes, we have to get his mind and body together so we can get him out of there safely, and it feels like a good reason for co-ordinated action. We just don’t have all the plan.

Should we tell Whistler what they’re hunting. Not a security breach, but the mind of a young man…


We definitely should tell him we’re worried about Aether. Maybe have him check to see if Aether is in a ‘medicated coma’ like Kendrick is? At some point we’ll probably need him to get to open a hole in their firewall for a second.


So here’s a question, can his mind function without his body? I guess I’d assumed his mind tethered to his body to some extent, but if the mind could continue without the body for a period of time then they certainly might have killed it.

At the same time, KS is a so-called scientific research company. Wouldn’t they want to, like, study it or something? I mean the body of an adept has to be rare and might have some kind of unique properties. Seems a bit premature to completely destroy his body. I want to hope that they’d keep it around, at least for a little while. :sweat:


Unless they consider him more a threat than a possible asset at this point. Not that we needed another reason to save Aether but whoever KS wants dead, we definitely want alive.


Frankly, I think they may know as little as we do.

If they were to kill his body, they may not know for sure what the effects would be, so may not take the risk. They’ll keep him alive til they know he’s out of their systems.

This may work in our favour.


My assumption was always that the two were linked. Like you originally said. His body is “living” only while his mind is “living” and vice versa. My fear is that people, organizations, whatever, if they can’t contain something, what do you they do next? They hunt it and they kill it. As Marty said, they may perceive Aether as a threat if they can’t contain him


We’ve been figuring out what to say to Whistler next in the other chat. I feel like the kid writing us changes that. So what do I say today?



Human rights angle, and tell him they are hunting a person not a virus.
Using the tech spin mentioned too?