FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


Thank you for all the help you’ve given us, Benefactor.

Sorry about the whole ‘running around through your head with songs and ultimate optimism’ thing… It was a weird time for all of us.

Also, do you guys remember the first story in Fragment 13?

It’s about a person who discovers he’s not where he’s supposed to be, and eventually, when he’s not supposed to be. Kinda hits home after hearing about what happens to those sent back by the Storm.

We can’t let Marty go through with that.

If what we have isn’t good enough. I think we should consider dispersing the storm before it can take him. Just consider, I say.


I’m on the city bus weeping tears of joy. @Benefactor I’m so happy you got to see the amazing woman your daughter has grown into. I’m nervous for the coming day, but this bit of good news has given me the strength to see this through.


hey nightmare buddy…I’m so happy you made it! Thank you for everything you’ve been doing for us!


Best of luck, my friend. We’ll try our darnedest to make sure you see your daughter again!


So ye we’re still on this fragment but at least we now have the book. This fragment seems to have been all about time so im thinking that we still need the Chronocompass on Fletcher Dawsons Site. Either that or we are waiting for the book to email us. Also there is nothing on the Lost Athenaum


If the Book still feels as out of it as I do, I wouldn’t worry. Give it some more time; when everyone is recovered, it’ll let us know what should come next.


Okay so im pretty sure we need to use the Chronocompass on Fletcher Dawsons site. Like i said earlier i think the books (The Myth of Elainnor, Oskar & Pipany, The Wishing Jar, The Forest of Darkening Glass, Ant & Caterpillow and The Little Red House) that Deeds found are the new key to the compass. Each book might be linked to a particullar guild and the order in which Deeds puts them down is the combination. This is just a crazy theory but i havent seen any other suggestions other then wait and see


If that is the case, we have to remember that one of them was described as being put in the incorrect place intentionally.


but is it the places they where put in, or the books themselves? I mean, The Myth of Elainnor sounds very Ebbbie, and The Forest of Darkening Glass could be Bali?


Uh, duh. Of course darkening glass is bali :stuck_out_tongue: its the FOREST of darkening glass, after all x3


Well, yes, the title sounds very Bali, doesn’t mean the story is. For instance, we have parts of Ant and Catterpillow, and I might on the title of placed it as Goss, but to me the story sounds a little Ebbie


My friends. Fragment 15 has been found.

The book is back, and it’s background is alive again.


So, we have co-ordinates again… 40.727422 -74.005961

Edit: Do we want a Fragment 16 topic for this? It’s bound to lead us to that eventually…


That’s a good idea, yes.

Fragment 16 starts here:

archived #843