FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


If you would allow my inner gamer to come out for a quick second; AAHHH A RITO OHMYGOD


I think its worth noting the houses can’t be that different, if it was a Mer Gost who taught him shapeshifting (Which is a Gossmere affinity)


Mer Gost is the Royal House name from the butterfly page we saw from Monarch’s Mountain I believe. I guess they still preserve the old ways.

Members of the Wool, who I will now refer to as Woolies because you do not deserve a cool nickname. When you get around to reading this. Screw you.


Well then, after reading the whole thing, I suppose we need something else to exchange for the book of briars, then. hrm. I feel like monarch mountain could be an ENORMOUS ally to us, if we can keep them on our good side.


I feel like they’re kinda like Gondor in the LOTR. Not wanting to give up their past glory, but not willing to see what is in front of them.


Even more questions then answers


So the Little Red House is out - I doubt we could get it away from the Woolies if we wanted to. Will the scarf and pendant be enough for NateStorm to trade for the BoB, if we could convince him to do it in the first place? That seems to be @CRSumner and @Marty.60’s plan, but I think we need a back up. Any ideas?


They don’t have their hands on the book yet. The scarf and pendant is the backup plan. As for a backup to the backup? Maybe the scraps of the old book have something still in them to add in to the other two?


@Marty.60 and @CRSumner will be ready to open a door to Neithernor at 4pm tomorrow.

We should maybe run through our respective parts in our teams today to make sure things run smoothly.

Marty and Cole will be face-to-face with the Storm and won’t be able to seek safety in Central Park or hide in Neithernor until we’ve traded for The Book of Briars or realized we don’t have a fair trade. Hopefully we can stop the Storm too, but regardless we need to work fast to help them as much as we can.

Once you’ve run through your part with your team could you let me know how long you think it will take to perform your part and I’ll put together a schedule that starts at 4pm sharp?

We can’t leave anything to chance. The Book is on the line, yes, but now so are Marty and Cole.


Just to clarify, today is testing the time for everything. Calling the Corners can happen anytime from now until tomorrow but the lantern spell, the story, and trying to shut it down shouldn’t happen until tomorrow at 4pm, once Cole has called the Storm. And Calling The Corners should happen first, either at 4pm or prior.


I’m going to be “tinfoiling” it pretty bad here, but hear me out. IF the Little Red House is not an option to use as a bargaining chip, which Mr. Wideawake certainly made it sound like it’s not up for negotiation as far as the Woolies are concerned, I worry that the scarf (which just hid a coded message) and the pendant (which so far just unlocked a box with other items in it) won’t be “magiqal enough” to be considered a fair collateral trade for the Book of Briars, which is something a variety of people have been alternatively salivating over or trying to erase from existence apparently for centuries now.

The next closest super rare magiqal thing would probably be @Marty.60, being a “well,” which per Ted Fallon are also highly sought after. I worry that if we don’t have a back up plan for a back up plan, we’ll be facing a choice of Marty versus the Book of Briars. I can’t speak for the rest of you, but I would not be able to choose to make that trade if it came down to it (regardless of whether or not Marty was looking forward to an all-expenses paid trip through time, or was feeling even more altruistic than he already is).


This has been my fear as well. I guess there’s enough tinfoil to go around. It’s not an outcome I am willing to consider, or accept…


It’s not our decision. And what, precisely, are we going to do if he decides to make that choice for himself?

I’m not being sarcastic. I really want to know what we are going to do. Because he’s taken all the risks. He’s taken all the hard hits. He’s protected us, been our spy and saboteur behind enemy lines, and our friend.


I think Wideawake said that as far as he was personally concerned, he thought the Little Red House was Sullivan’s by right of finding it, and therefore now Deeds and she was free to decide what to do with it.

There seem to be some in MM who would hate to see the Little Red House sent back in time, but accept it’s not their decision. The rest of the Woolies are just wankers.

Anyway, as you point out quite right. It’ll take Deeds a day and a half to get to the book, meaning we won’t know if we have the book until just before go time.

I guess we could ask Cole if Deeds left the chronocompass and/or journal behind. That’s an option to send them back in addition to the pendant and shawl.

I totally agree with you. I don’t think the shawl actually does anything and just had an itchy message thread in it.

And we can’t let Marty be sent back in time. Then there’d be 2 Marty Ranks running around and the world cannot handle that much awesome at once.


If there were two marties would the other timeline send another one of the martys backin time considering there’d be one again? If so we could make a snowball effect of marty on marty on marty until eventually martys take over rhe world. Id rather not have that.


Wideawake also admitted that despite his august title, he had little influence over the group’s decision as a whole and hinted that the the Royal Houses were probably trying to make a grab for The Little Red House themselves as we speak, a hint that DG certainly seemed to act on. My gut is telling me that we won’t be trading the Little Red House for the Book of Briars, so we have to be prepared for some tough decisions.

This is what I’m most afraid of. That being said, there are worse time periods to be transported to than the late 1990’s.


A trip through time isn’t unheard of magiq - just insane, mind-bending, and dangerous.

I want to keep this in perspective. You’re right, the late 90’s ain’t so bad (nevermind the fashion). But… we are talking about the Storm.

In any case… I don’t know that there’s any sense or purpose in agonizing over it. As long as we acknowledge that it’s a risk.

We can protect him and Cole to the best of our abilities, and… let them do the rest. I suppose.

We need to finish preparation for tomorrow either way.


Everyone seems to have forgotten about Deeds walking stick that she got from sullivan. If I remember correctly that thing is full of magiq and could be a good trade for the book.


Good thought. Although she mentioned taking it everywhere though. I just assumed she brought it with her. Can’t hurt to ask though.


Okay so the offensive spell is now fully complete and ready to be used!


God, I hope she’s okay. I can’t imagine what she must be feeling right now. She’s been devastated since she found the book. The end of her dad’s journals, the end of her mom’s dream. That book is pretty much the last connection to her parents and now she’s either going to have to give it away, or have it stolen from her.

I have no idea what’s going to happen and no way to help her.

She has the compass, the stick, and the journal, so those are no-go’s, by the way. I put the necklace and the scarves in my bag. I plan to chuck the whole thing into the Storm whenever I get word from you guys. (I have notifications set up on my phone. I doubt I’ll be able to write back once we start but I can see your posts.)

I’ll let you know where Marty and I end up tomorrow. I don’t know how I’m gonna sleep tonight.