FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


@CRSumner - DG had mentioned after doing the spell with the compass in the book that her spell sickness symptoms went away when she was in Neithernor; if she let’s you into her room, maybe carry her to the Warren to see if she gets better.


That’s a great idea, except I went out to bring in coffee this morning and when I came back I found an open envelope addressed to Dee and a note on the hall table. It said, “Meet me in the warren as soon as possible.”

Dee’s gone, I can’t knock into the warren for some reason, and I have no idea who she’s in there with.


Well, at least she’s there and if my hypothesis is correct, it should help her symptoms. Was there a return address or any other identifiers to whom may have written the note?


So there are other people who have access to Neithernor out there still? That’s an interesting development. Including one who had access to Sullivan’s warren. (Although I guess anyone who knows how to work the knocks could have gotten the combo to that location from her blog, so that may not be significant.)

This is oddly ominous.


Nothing on the envelope except her first name. Must’ve been hand delivered. Or magiqally delivered. I don’t mind being Robin to my girlfriend’s Batman, but I’m already insanely worried about her mental and physical health and now she’s been called to Neithernor by somebody who apparently also knows how to get into Neithernor. Did we know other people were doing this?


We did not, no.


She has a Joradian Non-Material running on her blog prior to entering Neithernor, so that should (hopefully) bar anyone with ill intent from learning the warren’s knocking pattern.


Yup. If this was the Silver and they had access to the warren, they would have taken Sullivan’s walking stick for their collection long before she got to it.

I’m less worried that this is someone who wants to harm her. I’m more worried this means we have a giant unknown out there right before we attempt something massive. I do not like not knowing things. :slight_smile:


Same. Super same. If it was a bad guy I figure they wouldn’t leave a polite hand-written letter. They’d just Storm us, right?

So I guess I sit and wait, again.


Can you knock into other parts of Neithernor?


Just checked, yeah. I can knock into the tunnel (know that one from memory.)


Okay super crazy idea but is it possible that you can get to the Warren from another location in Neithernor?


We’ve tried. All the places her dad sent us are closed off from the rest of Neithernor. We can’t even get out of the castle place with the vault.


Excuse me, our mysterious @Benefactor - do you have anything to do with or know anything about this?


Maybe it could be someone else from the Low, that we don’t necessarily know? Benefactor did say all eyes were watching us at this moment… Or, hm, maybe Grey, if he could get into neithernor? :thinking:


She just came back a few minutes ago and She’s writing everything down right now. I’m trying to get her to calm down and rest but she says you need to know all of this.
\She does have spell sickness but it’s also something about Neithernor that’s affecting her. I can’t keep up, she’s talking a mile a minute and looks like she’s gonna collapse. She says she met Mr. Wideawake? Does that make sense?


That’s a super weird name… Maybe a username of somebody…?

Please take care of Deeds. :disappointed_relieved: I know this is urgent, but I don’t want to see something happen to her. She needs to rest…and maybe we can concoct some sort of magiqal remedy to heal the effects of Neithernor travel.


Wow poor Deeds. Take good care of her Cole. No idea who Mr. Wideawake would be.

Well there was that time in college so one guy in the library gave me something to help with finals and I stayed awake for 4 straight days, aced all my tests and cleaned half the dorm rooms with a toothbrush. Odds are not the same guy, but the mile a minute talking is kinda familiar. Ask her if he had a Pearl Jam t-shirt on…actuallly never mind. Probably not the guy.


I just posted Dee’s entry and sent Endri a message to post it here.


Wow, that’s… It’s nuts.