FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


We were told the connection was fading, though…I think that might have been the last time. If so, at least we managed to get the spell component we needed from Ascender.


Could the connection of faded because the Council is using the very last of their maqic to make sure we are protected till Saturday?


Forest of darkening glass might be bali, considering it has to do with the wilds.

Edit: i actually agree with the sentiment that this is the last time we hear from anyone, with ascender. Its fitting that our beginning is also our last contact. Id say this is it. Lets be ready.


I’m so impressed by the work you’ve all done these past few days. I have about 2% less blind panic about Saturday.

I’m thinking that since the windows 12-4pm and 4-8pm are neck and neck in the poll why don’t we aim for doing this at 4pm on Saturday? :flushed:


Sounds good Endri!


4pm… so 1pm pst?


yep 1pm Pacific, and 9pm BST (for Rimor and I).


Finally a time thats actually reasonable! :joy:


Okay, so quick recap:

We have the sigil shield spell up and running. This should be able to hopefully protect us if something happens between here and Saturday at 4.
We have the offensive spell workable, hopefully able to stun (something worse?) The Storm if need be.
We have Back to the Future Part 1.
A modified(?) Call to the Corners; used to summon as much maqic as we can.

Part 2.
A modified (?) Lantern of the Low Hollow
Used to control the Storm.

Part 3.
Telling a story to the Storm so that it “will do our bidding”.


I got back from the vault this morning. I tried to get The Little Red House. I put the books where Dee said they went in the story, but I couldn’t unlock it. Maybe I just can’t do magiq like that. Maybe it only works for her? I don’t know…

She has a raging fever but she won’t let me take her to the hospital. She’s locked me out of the bedroom. She says she doesn’t want me to get sick, but I don’t think this is the flu. I wanna say that if it comes down to it I’ll do something drastic to help her, but honestly this is so over my head. I don’t know what I’d do. I feel completely helpless.

So I just messaged Marty.

I saw that Benefactor sent him to get help for Saturday. I told him I wanted to help however I could. Turns out he was hoping I’d ask. He’s worried that if The Council’s protection falls before Saturday The Storm will come for you guys. We need to buy you time to cast the spells. We agreed that I’m gonna have to open a door to Neithernor and draw it to me.

I can help lure The Storm out and away from you, and I’ll take the silver pendant and the scarves to try and trade for The Book when you’re ready. I wish I could do more to help with all the stuff you have to do, but this is the best I can do right now.

Marty said he won’t be much help to you guys on the day of, so he’ll be there with me. We’re planning to meet near Central Park, give us a fighting chance at getting out of this. We’ll be ready at 4pm. I’ll let you know where we end up. So if the spells work, you’ll know where to send The Storm.


Okay. So as you may know, we have some new spells. @Augustus_Octavian do you think you would have the Offensive Spell usable at this time? And we should have our original spell as a backup, just in case.


Give me sec on that one


We’re mostly prepared; we need one more component.


What’s the last component? I could be able to supply it if need be.


As a wise tree once said “Dont be hasty” :wink:


I know we’re already stretched thin, but I wish we’d learned some kind of healing magimystics this past year. I’m worried about Deirdre.


We @Gossmere could try to cobble something together. Therapeutics is one of our magiq affinities.

EDIT: I created a separate post for the spell working group here.


@Balimora could also help. I’m sure most of us have known of some maqic herb that could help.


My one suggestion would be to draw a bath and infuse the water with cedar. This is meant to internally purify a person. You can also try smudging to clear away negative energy and attract positive energy. Sage and sweet grass are what are usually used.


Unfortunately, I won’t be around today to help continue with the planning, I had a slight weartherwatch itch that needed scratching. But here, something a little motivational for you guys to wake up to. Hopefully, that’ll be us soon :slight_smile: