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Still nothing from Ascender. I noticed he was offline about an hour after I mentioned he had been on for three.


Oh my gosh, Deeds… What’s happening to her? :disappointed_relieved: I wonder if it’s the book, or maybe there are more aspects in the mundane world than the Storm that keep people forgetting magiq? It could be that The Little Red House is too magiqally powerful to remember in the mundane world.

Please keep us in the loop on how she’s doing, Cole. I really hope she’ll bounce back from whatever this book caused.


i uh… i can write the story on the storm destroying itself.
i have an idea.


What’s your idea?


well/// more an idea of how to make it destroy itself. how to form that. tell the story of someone whos been convicted of a crime, something so drastic only death can answer for it. tell how the man comes to grips with this, runs from his home and hurls himself into the abyss, to generalize it drastically.

make it rationalized as what the mans done is so bad, nothing else can answer for it. he cannot repent unless he makes the ultimate sacrifice.


It is an interesting idea, I would just recommend that if you want to explore it, just taking the discussion to this topic :slight_smile: :


User online!


Here’s the reply (haven’t even read it yet):

It almost caught me. I finally got away after running for hours. The lantern spell never broke the entire time it was looking for me. I finally heard what the other sounds are. They’re voices. The thoughts of other people it took.
I know it seems crazy but I swear I heard Augernon. I was physically and mentally exhausted by the time it stopped coming after me, so yes, I could be wrong, about Augernon. But I’m not wrong about the voices.
I have to admit I was going to try and control it. See if I could at least. But I couldn’t get hold of it, it was too strong, and before I could control it or disconnect from it, it found me. I have to get as far away as possible from all of this if I’m going to survive, if I’m going to last long enough to make it to you.
The only problem… I’ve either kept all of this from all of you, or I don’t remember you or what I know. But if I’m right, if I did hear the thoughts of other people in the storm, that means they might be able to hear them too. And if it ever catches me, they’ll know what you’re planning to do.
Before seeing what Augernon did, I might’ve risked it, just run for it, out of pride, out of recklessness. But he took the hit for us. For all of us. I have to lose the war today if we ever hope to win it decades from now. I can’t just count on losing the memories that could jeopardize all of this. I have to perform the bastard spell on myself.
I don’t know how effective it will be because there’s no one left here to help me cast it, but I can’t risk slipping up and giving you away. I know, from you, I still run. So I somehow remember what the stakes are. I know I have to go off the grid (which isn’t new to me.) And I still remember Augernon. Somehow. But something is still out there, looking for me. So I don’t forget completely. I figure the bastard spell is my best chance for how I get there, how I survive and bring you all together. So maybe Augernon saves us all.
I just can’t believe this is what it comes down to. I thought that being brave would be enough. It isn’t. I should’ve counted on them more. Depended on them, believed in them. Been there for them. But now it’s done. Now I just have to do what I can to make sure the fight goes on. I can’t let you down too. All of this has to be for something.
Unlock that damned book, Mountaineers. For all of us ‘94s.

It has worked. Evelyn is not possessed by some demon. There is a voice on the air that commands her to do these things. To howl and hurt herself and those around her. I have heard it. Just tonight. My ears prick at its whisper. My pen scratches out its thoughts. I know now that someone has taken the reins of my beloved’s mind.

There is a verse on the tip of my tongue and the edges of my fingers. A verse that might allow me to break the voice’s hold, to usurp its command. But though I have the wordly skills to bend its voice to me, I do not have the strength to break its will.

I lack both skill and sufficient power to rid my love of this curse. Some demented force beyond these walls seeks to drive my wife to madness, to drag me tooth and nail behind her, and all that I am able to do is listen as it tears her apart. What I would be, or break, to have rid of it.

[Use a lantern with new oil and an unburned wick or an unlit candle to represent your untainted intentions. Find a dark and quiet place. It’s helpful to be near the person or thing you believe is being coerced. Light a new flame and repeat the incantation. If successful you will not only hear the disembodied voice but may also be driven to speak or write the words you hear spoken.]

The voice on waves of aether’s air
Be drawn upon the light
I call you from the nether’s lair
To bring you into sight

Whisper toward the lantern, mine
A fire burning clear
Your shadow thoughts are bending now
And turning to my ear

That sullen song is echoing
Black bell that has been rung
Your words are at my fingertips
And spilling from my tongue

Back to the Future Part Two: The Sound of the Storm
Back to the Future Part Two: The Sound of the Storm

And the site has closed. I’m glad you got his reply!


I usually read from the site, glad I didn’t wait this time.


Rest easy ascender, your legacy will go on.

Thats really depressing, man. He sacrificed himself for us. Thats a helluva chance he gave us. Lets not waste it, yea?


So… does that spell allow us to break the Storm’s hold on a person?


That’s the part he’s been using to listen in, we have the part that should allow us to take control.

Here’s the whole thing:

The voice on waves of aether’s air
Be drawn upon the light
I call you from the nether’s lair
To bring you into sight

Whisper toward the lantern, mine
A fire burning clear
Your shadow thoughts are bending now
And turning to my ear

That sullen song is echoing
Black bell that has been rung
Your words are at my fingertips
And spilling from my tongue

I cast all ill intent aside
The song begins to wane
As dark dominion loses hold
And burns upon my flame

I am become the voice aloft
High above the ashes
Ringing in the darkened eaves
And slipping through the sashes

The reins are now belong to me
To stay or turn to ill
To set the dark devoted free
Or do with as I will

Back to the Future Part Two: The Sound of the Storm

At this point I’ve come to see the hope in those who have forgotten. They are alive. They may not remember, but they live. This especially is true now for Ascender.



Ascender went through so much alone … so many years of running and hiding … what is he up to now, I wonder? Trying to regain what he lost back then? How hard must it have been for him to leave us Mounties a second time?


I’ve been dying to know what he’s up to myself. He told us he’s on the path of butterflies…but what does that even mean? I feel he’s probably been guiding us in some way…we just don’t know it yet. This is his war to fight, too.

The last thing he said to us was “We have different paths to climb but we’ll meet at the end, where those paths meet. Where all our paths meet.” I’ve been wondering what that meant for ages… Will we see him again if we manage to unlock the Book? Or is he planning to return sometime sooner? I guess only time will tell.


I mean, butterfly effect is a thing. Maybe hes been keeping our timeline from splitting apart due to the time dilation we’re causing through our interference with the past?


I’m wondering if he’ll come back to us before the 23rd to help. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he must remember all of this, so he must know what we’re about to do. The Benefactor said it himself, we’re gonna need all the help we can get.


Okay so the compass has closed again. Do we need a new code or is this the end? Incase it isnt the end then maybe the books (The Myth of Elainnor, Oskar & Pipany, The Wishing Jar, The Forest of Darkening Glass, Ant & Caterpillow and The Little Red House) that Deeds found are the new key to the compass. Each book might be linked to a particullar guild and the order in which Deeds puts them down is the combination. Just a theory incase we need to open the compass again.


I was wondering if the books were somehow related to specific guilds, but I’m not sure which ones would go to which. If they each relate to a guild, then that might be a way of reopening the chronocompass, or we might just be wasting time on working on the chronocompass when we could be focused on work for the 23rd, which is this Saturday. Maybe we need to do both. I’m not sure who we’ll get if we open the chronocompass a last time since I kind of assumed that Ascender would be the last person we would speak with. I guess it’s worth a shot, though.