FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


You won’t be alone.


That’s for damn sure.


We could probably break out new threads for the different sections like you guys did with offense and defense.

One thread for the people calling the corners.

One for people doing the Lantern

One for the story (stories?) needed to get the Storm to get the Book.

Edit: Also I’ll keep refreshing the Chronocompass every 10 seconds until we can send to Ascender and get his half, but if anyone notices it when I’m asleep, make sure we get that half.


I love a plan.


So we would have the people, but what about pooling the maqic? How could we accomplish getting so much maqic in one spot… Though, that would act like a beacon to attract the Storm…


We have a week and change. Do everything you can to get ready. And choose something to trade. If we don’t have that we don’t have The Book.


Well what kind of story do we need? I’m happy to call NW if we need a Goss for that.


Teddy said they used to tell the Storm stories to convince it to bring things they wanted from the past.

Maybe a story where someone makes their father incredibly proud by righting all the wrongs they’ve ever done by bring this Book of Briars to him. But let’s get the people involved in the thread to weigh in.


That’s actually probably the best bet for it to succeed.


Considering this is the story to end all stories, I assume it should also be very involved. As many people as possible. Bigger than anything else we’ve ever done.


Just running through the list of objects we potentially have access to (forgetting whether we’ll be allowed to use them…)

Sullivan’s stick
The Little Red House (assuming it can leave the vault.)
The wool scarf?
The silver hippocampus pendant?


Sorry if this is an odd thought, but what about making our own magical object to trade? Or I guess that wouldn’t be powerful enough… :worried:


It could be worth a shot, but like @Benefactor said, we’ll have one shot. It breaks my heart but I can’t help but feel that Sullivan kept The Little Red House safe just for this.


Thank the gods i’ll be able to help. maybe.

Call the Corners, like before, heck, use a a spell of some kind to focus it.
use the safeguard. use teh stronger sigil.
i can make one if needed.

I can try to help with the lantern as well. maybe something to use for a focus?

and the stories, while a small fun for me, i dont think i’m needed there as we have others who are massively good at it.


the chronocompass as well. that could be used.


I’d hesitate to use the Chronocompass. We’ve needed it so far to unlock fragments 13, 14 and 15 and we still need to do Fragment 16 after all this. We may need it for the last fragment.


I want to say that the Little Red House our best shot: an inaccessible book for another long-inaccesisible book. But I hate to ask Deeds to give it up, let alone being responsible for part of the Lost Collection being lost again.


Unless we tell Ascender in 1998 to look for it. We’re not sure where the Storm will deposit it in 1998, but maybe he can safeguard it?


but, if we do so. we have someone who can hold onto it.

EDIT: Robert beat me to it


Brain Twins!!!