FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


I was wondering who requested the Dawson search we got back from them. Was that you, as well?


There’s a lot of important objects out there, some that we have. The Lost Collection that Deidre has is pretty important. People have been searching for it for years. And we could send more than one thing, if possible, that total in importance.


Sorry if I sounded distrusting. I suppose I’m just truly curious who you are, what your connection to us is. If you have a plan, honestly, I’m all ears and happy to help as long as no one will get hurt in the process.


So are we just gonna throw objects at the storm till its satisfied?


:rofl: If that could work, I would do it. Would it work though or does it have to be one object?


Focus on getting it here. To do that you need to commandeer the Storm and convince it or force it to trade the Book for something here.

You’re gonna need to call the corners to bring a pool of magiq to your side.
You’re gonna need the story to end all stories to try and bend/break whatever magiq you have to figurate the Storm into doing what you want it to do…
You’re going to have to choose something you think is powerful enough to trade for The Book and hope to the six corners it works…
And then you’re going to have to figure out a way to shut it down.

Using the first day of Change will give you a poetic and temporary power advantage, but I’m still not sure you’re going to have enough power to do all of this. We may just have to do what we have to do with whatever we have on the day.


So all the offernsive spell stuff we have been doing is pointless?


I don’t think it’s pointless, but the offense/defense was temporary while we figure out a more permanent solution to end the Storm, once and for all, and save the Book.


They might keep you standing long enough to do this.


The best way to attract the Storm would be to shut down all of the Forum’s protection and do something to act like a beacon. That would definitely draw it out. If we use our offensive spells to temporarily stun it and use that time for the “controlling” spell,…


You need as many people as possible together, some calling the corners, some performing the Lantern, some telling the story… it’s going to be a test of everything you know, everything you’re capable of…


Ill be there, doing whatever is needed of me.


If you do this… you will do something that has never been done before in our altered history.


Then I’m glad ill have my friends by my side.


I’ll see what I can do about getting more people to help.


I just reached out to Marty too. You can count on him to rally the troops.


Would you also be willing to help us with this? Or are you going to watch from the sidelines?


I’m here. I’m already on it.


Oh I’ll be there. Anybody who knows anything about magiq will be watching this.


And we’ll do everything we can to buy you time to do this.