FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


We’ve known each other for a while.


Would it be possible to take the power from spells? Because we could take the maqic from the forum’s protection and use it if need be.


Well I’m happy to meet this side of you, whoever you may be. Im assuming you’re remaining anonymous for your own safety.




I’ll tell you what I know and what I think can help you do what you are trying to do…


A quick question to satisfy my own curiosity: Would you happen to be the same Benefactor that helped Knatz and the 94 Mountiees in the past or are you a different one? You don’t have to answer if it doesn’t hurt you anonymity.


We’re at the breaking point for magiq here in the mundane. You need every bit of help you can get, and you need as many mountaineers working together, at the same time, as possible.


Is that time now?


We only share a name.


There an apex date coming up. September 23rd is the first day of Change. The day after the mundane equinox. That should be your go day.


Are you…the collector? Is that why you wish to stay anonymous? :cold_sweat: I guess you probably can’t answer that though…

But why are you helping us? And do you know what we could possibly exchange for the Book? I don’t want to lose any of us… that’s just not right, to send a person back.


So do you know if we can “strip” spells of there maqic and use it? If we did it to, let’s say the Chronocompass, we surely would be able to get a ton of maqic. Not saying to do it to the Chronocompass, bit it is an option.


I don’t want you to lose anybody. We’ve helped each other a lot over the years, no point in giving up if we don’t have to.


Benefactor already said it doesn’t have to be a person, just something as equally important? as the BoB.


Magic is nothing more than memory transposed? Perhaps our collective memories of Basecamp?


If I need to prove that you can trust me… I helped get you access to The Lost Athenaeum a few months back. I can tell you what spells I requested for you.


I trust you, you’ve helped us get this far. Lets reach this final hurtle together.


Wow. Straight to the nail right there. That could work, but how would we open the BoB then?


But what would that object be? The Guide? The Little Red House? The Book is so powerful, it’s hard to imagine such an object.


Deed’s walking stick?