FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


Good luck! Stay safe! We’re all rooting for you guys!


What if this doesn’t work? If the trade isn’t enough? If our power isn’t enough? Do we disappear? Do we go on without magiq? Would we forget magiq altogether? If we lose all magiq I almost hope we forget. I don’t want to remember what we almost had, what we couldn’t save. But I don’t want to forget either. This time has been precious and knowing all of you is a true blessing. We need to do this right. I can’t bear to lose what I’ve worked so hard for. What we’ve all worked so hard for.


Well, even if it disappears, at least we tried


Okay guys, the day is here. How are we doing this?


I’m going to create a new thread in a bit where we can communicate with Cole and perform the spells. All activity can move there.


Morning Mountaineers. Today’s the day. I hope you’re ready.
I’ve been texting with Marty this morning. He’s still rounding up any last minute help he can, then he’s heading back to the city to meet your friend Cole.

He’s hellbent on being there at “landfall.” And some of you know why. I think he plans on being a failsafe if something goes wrong with the trade so you can finish your mission.

But you should know something. About the Nate part of the Storm. Something I already told Marty.

I’ve heard about people being traded. It doesn’t end well. They lose pieces of themselves. It’s not Sweeper bad, the complete memory wipe, but in a way it’s worse. You still have some of your faculties, enough to know you aren’t where you’re supposed to be. You just don’t know what happened to you or how to undo it. You’re lost. To the world, to time, to yourself. It’s why they called it “Wanderer.” I know that’s not the news you wanna hear, but you deserve to know everything.

So… turns out I have business to take care of that’s gonna coincide with your spell. But you’ll have help here.

If we meet up on the other side of all of this, we have a lot of catching up to do. And the age-appropriate drink of your choice is on me. After all, you saved her life when I couldn’t.

Your nightmare buddy,


Nightmare buddy… Knatz? Saberlane? Is this what you’ve been doing for the past 20 years?


Wait a sec nightmare buddy? You cant be, its not possible! We thought the Storm had got you!


I figure the jig is up considering what’s about to go down, and you deserve some explanation. I couldn’t go through with it. I couldn’t be some mindless, passionless drone and not be able to show my daughter that the world was so much bigger than anybody thought. So at the last minute I gave Lane the coin and I ran. Seeing her when I could, in secret, when it was safe, teaching her from a distance about her gift, about magiq. She probably would’ve had a safer life without me but it is what it is. She’s special. Powerful. The Council came to her when they needed to find a way to teach you about Nate, about Wanderer. But she got too close to KS and they came for her before I could do anything. But I helped when I could. Requested the spells you needed from The Low. Got some unsavories off your back a couple times (those damned Devoted, amiright?) And you saved her. Hell, you’ve just about saved everybody.

No pressure, but you bring down the Storm, I can see my daughter’s face again.


We will do our best, I want nothing more than a happy reunion for you two.


We will do everything in our power to bring down the storm so you can see your daughter again


I just want to find and hug you. I thought you were completely gone.


Thank you for all the help you’ve given us, Benefactor.

Sorry about the whole ‘running around through your head with songs and ultimate optimism’ thing… It was a weird time for all of us.

Also, do you guys remember the first story in Fragment 13?

It’s about a person who discovers he’s not where he’s supposed to be, and eventually, when he’s not supposed to be. Kinda hits home after hearing about what happens to those sent back by the Storm.

We can’t let Marty go through with that.

If what we have isn’t good enough. I think we should consider dispersing the storm before it can take him. Just consider, I say.


I’m on the city bus weeping tears of joy. @Benefactor I’m so happy you got to see the amazing woman your daughter has grown into. I’m nervous for the coming day, but this bit of good news has given me the strength to see this through.


hey nightmare buddy…I’m so happy you made it! Thank you for everything you’ve been doing for us!


Best of luck, my friend. We’ll try our darnedest to make sure you see your daughter again!


So ye we’re still on this fragment but at least we now have the book. This fragment seems to have been all about time so im thinking that we still need the Chronocompass on Fletcher Dawsons Site. Either that or we are waiting for the book to email us. Also there is nothing on the Lost Athenaum


If the Book still feels as out of it as I do, I wouldn’t worry. Give it some more time; when everyone is recovered, it’ll let us know what should come next.


Okay so im pretty sure we need to use the Chronocompass on Fletcher Dawsons site. Like i said earlier i think the books (The Myth of Elainnor, Oskar & Pipany, The Wishing Jar, The Forest of Darkening Glass, Ant & Caterpillow and The Little Red House) that Deeds found are the new key to the compass. Each book might be linked to a particullar guild and the order in which Deeds puts them down is the combination. This is just a crazy theory but i havent seen any other suggestions other then wait and see


If that is the case, we have to remember that one of them was described as being put in the incorrect place intentionally.