FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


A girl after my own heart.


He’s still online. Has been for almost 3 hours. I’m a tad concerned he’s leaving his connection open this long.


I have a bad feeling about this


Where’d the fun be in not having one?


Good luck guys!


I finally got her home. She’s out of it. Not sure if whatever she was coming down with is finally catching up with her now that’s she’s back, or something else. She can’t remember what’s in the book (neither can I) but she says her imagination is running wild. She tells me the things she’s seeing, but other than that she doesn’t want to talk. She’s just sleeping or staring into space.

I tried to talk to her about the little red house. That you need it. I can’t get through to her right now and it’s scaring the hell out of me. I’ll keep trying.


Did you read it also? It’s only hitting her this badly?


I saw it, but didn’t read it. I mean, I saw pages but she read parts to me. Now I can’t remember what she said. Like I was distracted.


Well I guess we understand now why Sullivan hid it away and didn’t just hand out copies to school children. So it’s by no means a normal book. Take good care of her and hopefully she comes back around soon. I can’t wait to hear anything she can tell us about what she saw or is seeing.


I just realised something. I know it’s a little early into our prep, but what if this works? What are we going to do with the storm once we have the book? How are we going to stop it?


According to Teddy, I believe we just have to ask it to disperse.

My thinking is we should probably write a story to tell it to disperse, be at peace and finally rest in atonement for the horrible things it’s done. It might just be part 2 of the story to ask it to bring the Book of Brairs to our time as well.

Edit: I also highlighted the first part which explains how exactly we ask it to bring us the Book of Briars. It’s a very meaningful paragraph.

Back to the Future Part Three: Telling the Tallest Tale

and now I shall quote this post over in group 3 :smiley: You are awesome Robert!

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Still nothing from Ascender? Is he still online?


I don’t see him online… making me slightly twitchy, 23rd is this Saturday…


Still nothing from Ascender. I noticed he was offline about an hour after I mentioned he had been on for three.


Oh my gosh, Deeds… What’s happening to her? :disappointed_relieved: I wonder if it’s the book, or maybe there are more aspects in the mundane world than the Storm that keep people forgetting magiq? It could be that The Little Red House is too magiqally powerful to remember in the mundane world.

Please keep us in the loop on how she’s doing, Cole. I really hope she’ll bounce back from whatever this book caused.


i uh… i can write the story on the storm destroying itself.
i have an idea.


What’s your idea?


well/// more an idea of how to make it destroy itself. how to form that. tell the story of someone whos been convicted of a crime, something so drastic only death can answer for it. tell how the man comes to grips with this, runs from his home and hurls himself into the abyss, to generalize it drastically.

make it rationalized as what the mans done is so bad, nothing else can answer for it. he cannot repent unless he makes the ultimate sacrifice.


It is an interesting idea, I would just recommend that if you want to explore it, just taking the discussion to this topic :slight_smile: :