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Okay so before we split this into threads. Here are the three big things I think we need. This will be light on in depth detail until we get to the individual threads.

  1. Calling the Corners - This is a warding hex (like literally a hexagon) used to gather and stabalize magical energies. This has been used in the past to protect Sullivan from horrible backlash he might have incurred from letting loose raw Figuration magiq when he cast his protection on Deidre.

This involves at least 6 people, ideally, but not madantory one from each guild to participate. I’m sure we could very easily work out a way for more than 6 people to help. Each person needs a focus object that has some association to one of the 6 Elements. The six people ‘charge’ their focus and arrange them in such a way that each one points to the next object geographically. Causing a 6 sided shape to be formed.

This can be done before the big day in preperation.

  1. The Lantern of Low Hollow - This is the spell we have found half of, and we need to get the other half from Ascender. With Ascender’s half, we can hear the storm. With our half, we can control it. Other than the words we don’t know a lot about the mechanics of this spell.

This team should brainstorm ideas to ‘Mountaineerize’ the spell. How can we supercharge it to face something bigger, and badder than it was probably ever designed to control? Add objects? Add stories? Add funny hats?

  1. Stories for a Storm - The last team goes if the first two are successful. Once we have control of the storm, we have to tell it what to do. This is high class figuration magiq. We need a story so compelling that the Storm, or more rather Nate within the Storm, wants to get the Book of Brairs for us from 1998 more than anything. And how do we ‘Mountaineerize’ this Story? Incorporate multiple authors doing chapters? Write a play instead of a Story and act it out? Write a song featuring @Nimueh and her all Mountaineer orchestra? Let’s get creative.

Second task. This group may also be tasked with writing the Story to tell the Storm to disperse itself. This could be worked into the first story, or be a separate effort, and maybe a separate team, but for now that’s keep these together.

There’s a hell of a lot of ‘how’, ‘who’ and ‘what’ to figure out, but this should be the boilerplate.

I think those are a good start for 3 threads anyway. And @Ginger, I think your idea of a common start to the title, then the breakdown title is great for the threads.

Back to the Future Part One: Calling the Corners
Back to the Future Part Three: Telling the Tallest Tale
Back to the Future Part Two: The Sound of the Storm

I volunteer the Operation Gladitor energies for this if they don’t already get used. It’s nearly complete; we’re only missing one component story to have a full complement for the spell. It’s a figuration allegory of us standing up to the bully of the Silver/the Storm.

Edit: Once we have the last component, it’s ready to be released by reciting a quick key phrase from each story.

Back to the Future Part Two: The Sound of the Storm

Brilliant idea, @Augustus_Octavian


I can add energy from Operation Aorthora to the Spells as well.
It would probably be best in Calling or the Lantern.
I can also add another sigil to it if need be!
he says while clearly still needing a nap from the spell drain


For our safety and sanity, let’s leave those spells where they lay.


Other topics have been created.

Let the planning begin.


go ginger go!


Would it be a good idea make a list and have people sign-up, draw lots, or something to assign them to a specific Part? That way we don’t have people spread out over two or all of them. And I don’t mean they can’t help with the other Parts, just that when the time comes, they would do that specific one, so there’s no mix up.


I was going to add a running list to each topic for the parts people want to be involved in. Glad someone else thought of it too :slight_smile:


The Forged are ready to help out as always. Just adding me where I need to go :flinterforge:


Ascender’s online


Speaking of which, where is the link for the site? Just so I can check when I have the chance.


Here’s the link! :slightly_smiling_face:




Looks like he’s still online. Just waiting on a message box if one hasn’t shown up yet.


I see the message box now. Anyone else?


I see it but what if he uses the spell on us to read our minds


We have nothing to hide. I’ve sent the message. Thanks for the heads up. My daughter insisted on watching scary videos so I was distracted. :slight_smile:


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He’s still online. Has been for almost 3 hours. I’m a tad concerned he’s leaving his connection open this long.