FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


The only problem with this… is the same problem we have always had. We don’t know what he did then. We don’t know if we’re changing anything at all, even giving him what we think is “new” information.

It’s always turned out to be leading directly into history as we’ve always known it.

So… I say your response is… fine. You’re well-spoken as always. And if you go against your gut now, he will be able to tell. Your honest voice is what he believes.


It reminds me of the time someone referred to us as the Lestat of the Low. We are open to any who wish to learn magic for good, this never occured to me until now but it seem’s those before us were not as welcoming?
Seems they will have to step out of the shadows, so to speak. I say send it, I would rather risk a paradox than loose that book honestly, and we are so close now.


We’ve come out of several paradoxical situations fine so far, so the threat of time is all but meaningless to me at this point. As a great man educated in the time space continuum once said, “Well, I figured, what the hell”. Ascender managed to sort things out in our time, so who is to say he won’t do the same now? Maybe we’ll help him get off the grid. Maybe we won’t. Time will tell…

In the mean time (ha, get it?), I say send it.


Thanks for including our Lodge’s number. I think if he knew how many of us there is, it would improve his morale a ton. I just hate not having anything to give to Ascender though. We have so much information, but nothing on what we need.


He used to keep everything from us though. I’m not saying it’s karma…but it’s karma.


If Ascender is where I think he is timewise in 1998, you don’t have a lot of time left. The book might only be around for another week or so before it’s gone.


Oh, hello there! A week before it’s gone? … That gives us extremely little time to work with. Would you happen to have a suggestion to what we could do?


Here to help. You need to get the first half of the Lantern from Ascender and you still need to come up with a sacrificial lamb for The Storm if you want to try and pull the book through. But here’s the ass kicker… You’re going to need a ton of power.


good to meet you Benefactor.

What shall we do then? we’ve attempted to strengthen our defenses, and stand ready.
What’s next?


Im not comfortable with sacrificing anyone to the storm


I’ve been working on that.


I think we can find that out.

Sacrificing…I dont know about that.


Oh really, don’t suppose your volunteering?


Getting the power could be simple. But a sacrificial lamb? You mean something to send to the past for us to get bring the BoB here. That could be the tricky part… Does it have to equal the BoB in maqic or something?


It sounds like he wants us to send one of our number back


Exactly. Nobody ever said it had to be someone. It can be something. I have no idea what has equal “weight” to The Book but we need to come up with options.


Mmmm. I’m not so sure about that. It would work though if it comes to it. We could send the Lost Collection Deirdre just found. That’s pretty important.


How about the lost collection?

EDIT: specifically the little red house


I think a person is a break-glass-in-case-of-emergency option. We can come up with something else. But even then, you have enough power to trade, but you don’t have enough power to commandeer The Storm. It’s too strong.


Benefactor, I’m assuming a welcome isn’t necassary, I imagine you’ve been following our progress for some time.
What do you need from us?