FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


Excellent timing. I was just rereading Sullivan’s notes on this.

I may be wrong, but I believe the book is a kind of seed spell. I think the book is the vessel for the whisper of a story. A most powerful kind of magiq. A story that wishes to be told. Old, or perhaps new, I don’t know… But within it, the truth. I believe it’s been planted in The Book like a seed in a garden. And every time The Book has come to us, we have nurtured it, with perseverance, goodwill, and with magiq. The stronger the book, the better chance we have of telling the story within and changing everything.

Yes, the book is destroyed.

But I have a plan.

A plan that took years of design. And to set the plan in motion, I convinced the 18 Gates to focus their power to protect you instead of the book when The Storm arrived, and let the book burn. It was a difficult choice but they knew we had to try something desperate to have a chance.

Much of the “how” won’t make sense at this moment, but I hope by now you’ve looked to my letter to Deirdre and found something the 18 Gates left with our storyteller friend.

The Storm’s Master has collected immense power but holds it out of hand, out of sight from us. Soon there will be nothing left here. But for now, we have an advantage. One they aren’t yet aware of.

We have you Now, and an unburned book Then.

Your book is gone, but with our guidance you are going to help your predecessors open theirs. What will happen then, I don’t know. But we have all that we have ever needed. The book and the Mountaineers.

Together, with the help of my daughter, you will change everything.

Edit: All I see that pertains to this is ‘you are going to help your predecessors open theirs.’

Technically by helping them complete 2 Fragments/complications, we’ve already done that.


Well, here’s another thing. “…But with our guidance you are going to help your predecessors open theirs.” Which group are we talking about? We always thought they might of meant the 94 Mountiees, but they could also mean the Lodge Ascender starts or Lodge’s before them.


Well he (or someone) is now online. We may have to make a decision about whether or not to give him the second half.

Edit: I’m leaning towards giving it to him. Who knows. Maybe we’ll need him as a backup in the end.


Id say we give him half2, i agree.


Oh shot… He is close to the truth!!! He heard some of out thoughts! puts tin foil hat on


Well great. Ascender read my mind. I did not see that coming.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do. What to ask.

I lured the storm out yesterday, like before, by signing into the forum and then hiding. I cast The Lantern and I could hear the voice that controls it… I had a pen with me because I felt the need to write out the words last time and the spell mentions that might happen. My hand scrawled out what the voice was telling the storm. I was lost in it… listening, trying to find something that would give me a lead. There were other sounds there I couldn’t make out, like always…

But then I heard other voices.
And my hand started writing those words too. It was chaos. Painful. A dozen voices, maybe more. They were all talking at once and then, like a door shut, they were gone.
I hid from the storm until it passed. And then I looked at the paper.

There were commands for the storm:
Seek them out.
take their minds until
none remain who know.

But I also wrote…
help us open the book
now in our time.
If we give it to Ascender and he frees the storm
we have a problem
need his help
we’d change history
The storm
seen in our time
to help us
The Council is rationing power
might jeopardize the plan

I didn’t understand where it was coming from until I checked my laptop. You sent the message to me while I was logged in. After I’d cast the spell. I think your thoughts were channeled here somehow. For less than a minute I could hear you.
Who are you? Really?
What are you trying to do?
How much of what you wrote me is a lie and how much is the truth?
I need you to tell me everything.


So what should we do? I’m all for telling the truth, but…


I feel compelled to tell him too, to be honest. But… in that case either he conveniently develops an us-shaped hole in his memory or we change history.


He overheard us say ‘we’d change history’. I think the ship has sailed. I’ll type something up and we can debate.


we could always tell him we might cease to exist if we tell him who we really are


For once, I think to debate is pointless. Ascender had already found out a good deal of what we didn’t want him to know. Unless you meant to debate what we put in the message, than by all means.


I think its time we take off our masks, so to speak.


Oops! Looks like we’re gonna have to come clean!


Well, to answer his last question, everything was truthful. We never lied to him… right?


Maybe only white lies but only for his protection


That what I thought. We never lied about anything, just never told the whole truth.


I think its funny. He may have known us, both those who were here at the same time as him and those who joined later.

There is a chance, that he’s known how the story ends all along.


I can’t recall that we’ve ever told him a direct lie, but we may want to reference our correspondences in any case.

Yes. I think the time has come to be as honest as we can be. Knatz found out the general truth and it didn’t break time. Ascender knows enough that we can’t really lie our way out of it, and I have never been an advocate of lying to them all… except by omission.

The time for omission is… past, it seems.


Going back, it does look like and reviewing our replies, it looks like we never lied to Ascender, but we never told him the whole truth about us.


Well, that means we can tell him we were mostly honest. Lies by omission are still lies, but it’s far better than making things up. It’s still possible to gain his trust… and, perhaps, to do what we set out.

So! @Robert, you were going to work up a response?