FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


He played a big part in the operations of Kemetic, he sacrificed his own son, and tortured Portencia.

He is vile and cruel, but also human. My only fear is something was controlling him? What if he wasn’t as bad as we think, maybe like the storm something else was pulling his strings?


Teddy didn’t act in ignorance, and even had he, it wouldn’t excuse what he’s done. It’s nothing short of what he had coming to him. He likely won’t die because of the Storm, but he won’t live the way he did before. He’ll never be the man he was before. It’s better for all of us.

I feel no sympathy. A man who tortures children and is guilty of the murder of their own offspring deserves worse. He’s lucky.


Sounds like an asshole. I mean, humans can do cruel things as long as they believe what they’re doing is the right thing. You never know, he might have been controlled, but…

Anyways, i agree with his punishment then. Murderers deserve no quarter.


I agree, if he did this in full control of his own actions than he deserves so much worse than this.

But what if he didn’t, we have seen people being controlled before.


the scales have begun to balance out, returning he misfortune he rained upon people.


The damned thing came for me. I watched it explode out of the ground. It tried to get in the car, nearly shoved me off the road. If I’d been in the house sixty more seconds, I’d be toast. I drove north, took a side road back south. In a parking lot now, typing this up because you need to see it ASAP. Hoping I lost it but the car’s running just in case.

Here are my notes so far (more coming):

[He doesn’t know who I am.
He knows who he is… can have a conversation, “smalltalk” but it eventually looped back. Problem with longterm memory?]

[Not like Augernon, who was almost catatonic. I know he was a “lighting rod” but there might be degrees of damage taken by the storm?]

[I can have a conversation with Fallon. He’s tall. Big guy. Glasses. Don’t know what I expected. An office full of books.]

[He doesn’t know about KS. Says he’s a child psychiatrist.]

[This is when I had tea and told him a story.]

[He’s brightening up. He got up, making himself a scotch. I guess that’ll work.]

T: What is it I can do for you today, Dr. Adler?

[I can tell he’s confused and trying to cover it up…]

M: Actually, Dr. Fallon, I’m here to help you. Help you remember what happened.
T: What happened… What happened to me?
M: Yes.

[He was thinking.]

T: My memory.

[He sits at his desk.]

T: I have to be honest, you’ve caught me with my pants down. The feeling is odd. I can’t remember remembering.

[I ask about his job, his patients, the house… I want to make sure the ritual is working before I go for it.]

T: Boston. I work outside Boston. I— A research facility. Someplace…
M: Kemetic Solutions.
T: Yes. Kemetic—

[He looks at me…]

T: And how are you feeling? Settling in?
M: I’m good, thank you.
T: Now, now… how are we supposed to work together if we’re not honest with each other?
M: I’m not sure what you want me to say, Dr. Fallon.
T: Please, call me Teddy. May I call you Martin?

[I guess it’s working. So much for Dr. Adler.]


Except that the people who were controlled before were controlled by him, or by people like him. Everything in his personal correspondences and private records indicates he was willfully and knowingly involved with the operations of Kemetic Solutions.


Yes @grimangel53 Karma for sure had a hand in this, I am just concerned that he might be an innocent, the same way that Cags was.

If Fallon was and is the murderer that we have seen than I agree, let him burn in the fires for all I care.


You’re correct Dey, It seems that he was in fact the person I feared he was.
Well, I hope he dies swiftly, without an ounce of magiq in his life or what lies beyond. That’s what he deserves.


Well, that didn’t take long. Please get somewhere safe. We can wait for the rest (I know you probably won’t go underground first, but consider it), but your safety is a priority.


I guess it tracks those who contact storm touched


@Marty.60 Oh boy, I had hoped you had lost it… Stay safe!


@Marty.60 you might want to be ready with one of our aorthora shield sigils.
and please get to safety!

@OracleSage, its is true. the balance is preserved…with extreme prejudice.

@Deyav, can we get our shields and swords ready? we might need them soon.


Stay safe, man. Run if you can.


We still have that spell right? Like what we did with Cole?


Are we captain ahab’ing then? Going after the white whale? Storm hunting?


Oh my! Stay safe!


No, not yet.
We need to be ready though.
ugh. energy concentration hurts.


Alright. Ill get a charm or two ready in the meanwhile. Can i carve it or does it have to be drawn?


Gladitor. Thats our spell.

follow that link for help in that.