FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


meeting someone as RK Adler. bout it.


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Thanks Benefactor for the hint. Telling Marty to use RKAdler made me check the Lost Athenaeum again.

There’s a new spell there. Half of the The Lantern of Low Hollow.

For ease of access:

username: RKAdler

password: 2jF)jD3qg9&QUFUC)MBNAC

Maybe THIS is what we should be giving Ascender?

Important part for your study.

Only a partial diary entry and the last three stanzas of this spell story have been found. Without the first half, the spell seems to be inert. The remains of the poem seem to infer its purpose was to first hear the “commanding voice” of a magiq user on the wind, and then take control or hijack the voice, whereupon one could either control the suffering, or break the malevolent hold over them.

Ascender mentioned having part of the spell? Does he only have the first half maybe?


Amazing find, @Robert.
Trying to get my head around this. So in this case, the controlling “voice” is the Silver… Is “the suffering” the storm? Could he/we use this to break Silver’s control of the storm? Or control it ourselves?


Wait does this mean that the storm isnt evil?!


Let’s send it when we can. Also awesome find!


That’s a good question @Rimor.

Assuming for a second (A very big, important second) that we could actually take control of the Storm away from the Silver… What do we do with it? Control it ourselves? Become our enemy and send the Storm against the Silver? or do we free it? Potentially letting an evil, angry storm of souls loose with direction?

This is world class scary stuff right here.


I for one want to free those trapped in it.


There are a thousand scaries in this.


I dont think the storm is evil, it could just be a very powerful primevil creature that the Silver is controling and forcing to do its bidding. It might actually be quite thankful that we freed it.


Next question, let’s talk paradox. If we give this to Ascender, and he frees the storm then we have a problem. Because the Storm has been seen in our time. We’d totally have changed history… unless I guess the Silver made a second storm in the years between our times. But that’s a different scary thought that they have a Storm assembly line somewhere.

I’m afraid we might have to use this ourselves. Which means someone would have to draw the storm out and be close enough to hear it.


Oh great two storms! Thanks for the nightmares!


When the councils protection fails the storm will come to us so we wont have to lure it out


Now who’s giving who nightmares? :wink:


I would say that if we can complete the Lantern spell and gain control of the Storm, the right and honorable thing to do would be to lay the souls it contains to rest. We should do this after, however, we politely ask it to reveal whom has been controlling it all these years. That being said, I think we should still be prepared to strike at it if necessary through other means.


we need his half.

and then we can give it to say… Deeds, or cole, or marty.
They can cast it, and use it to dissipate the storm here and now, and then draw out the silver


I’m on my way. Will follow up when I’m there.