FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


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“I’m sorry you lost contact with everyone. It means you don’t know what happened here on the forum. Augie offered mounties a chance to hide from the storm, but they had to forget everything about magic.
He gave Knatz a coin he said would hold off the storm long enough for us all to get on the forum and perform it together. But I know what those coins are for. They can mask you from far off forces, maybe shield someone up close momentarily, but I know they can’t protect dozens of people at a time from something like the storm.
So I knew Augie was lying. But I also knew he wouldn’t do something to endanger these people, anybody actually. He’s the best man I’ve ever known. So I tried to get back in time, tried to get to him, to stop him from doing something stupid.
The bastard spell was real. And it worked. And the storm came for them all.
But Augie had cast something else on the mountaineers who showed up. Something secret. Something that channeled all harm that would be done to them, to him. He bought them time to forget, by sacrificing himself. And I was too late to stop him. It wiped him away completely. And far as I know, the mountaineers walked away not remembering anything, and the storm thought it did its job.
We’re the last ones left who remember.
I don’t know what’s happening with the 15th complication. I don’t even know how long we have left. The Book is fading. It’s not there half the time I check it. It’s like it knows what happened.
And to be honest, I’ve been working on something else. Something that won’t save the world or uncover the truth or bring magic back. Not now. But maybe someday. And I have to do it before I lose the memories I still have left.”

Also, he’s gone.


COINS like… The travelers coin!? (I was literally fidgiting with it as I read this post)

I can’t… Augie, what he did was a true act of valor, he is truly an Ebenguard to his core. We always knew it would come down to this, just him and Ascender… However that means that they aren’t the only ones who survived. There are other mounties out there that forgot!

We need to think of a response.


I think we should tell him a rough number of how many of us there are left, just so he knows there are alot of us trying to open it.


So what’s Ascender up to? @Endri , when did Ascender contact you and Bash, Eaves and Itsuki? Was it in 1998?

We need someone, sometime to help us open that book.

Maybe we could ask Ascender what happened to Saberlane? Saberlane suspected we were from the future. He may have a bigger perspective on this than the other mountaineers and maybe made a different decision.


@Robert you just read my mind, I was just about to say about Lane. I wonder if Ascender knows Knatz sent him away…? But after this, I’m more than a little worried about what he’s planning…


I don’t think Ascender contacted them that soon. I mean, I know Itsuki was older, but as far as I know, the rest of y’all are a fair bit younger, right? A person who’s 20 would’ve been born in '97, and a person who’s 30 would be 11 in '98… So seems unlikely that our dear guildmasters were involved during this time period.


True @Revenir . So he’s doing…whatever he was doing before setting up the next Mountaineers. Maybe setting up protections for himself for the long haul.


Actually, this does make me wonder something, now that I think of it…@Endri - do you remember Ascender having any memory problems?

It’s hard to tell things from knowing someone online, but he seemed to be pretty sharp in 2016. He’s at least been able to retain memories of his time in the Mountaineers and some information about the Lost Collection…Does that mean the timeline is shifting? Or was he able to find some way to reduce or stop the effects of the Storm at some point between 1998 and now?


@Robert, I didn’t hear about Ascender until I was around 13-14, when I first saw other people talking about the Lost Collection online. Eaves may have “met” him before but I never interacted with him until he created the earlier makeshift (and long gone) forum around 2010-2011? Sorry, I was a fledgling Thornmouth then and don’t have the specific dates, but we came long after.

@Revenir, that’s a good question and something I’ve been thinking about lately… He used to mention the “shadow” he carried with him, the weight of who he used to be, but I just took it as being haunted by what happened to the original Mountaineers. Maybe he found a way to stop the effects of what happened to him in Missouri? Or maybe the effects tapered off?

It’s driving me nuts… Did he not explicitly mention The Storm to us until his last message because our timeline shifted, because he couldn’t remember it completely, or because he didn’t want to drive us away from his cause?


I think we come clean about when we are to Ascender before he holes up and doesn’t re-emerge until the 2000’s. For all we know, the thing he could be working on is us. I would tell him the differences between what we know about our past (the 94’s being taken at fragment 12) and his present, just having just found fragment 14. If the other Mounties have left magiq through the bastard spell, Ascender may be the only thread holding us to the Book of Briars of the past.


@Endri If he did remember the Storm, he may not have known it was a reoccurring phenomenon. He might not have known it was going to come back.

@Augustus_Octavian, i don’t think there are any difference between the past we’re seeing, and the past of our time. I think this is exactly how it happened. The storm did come for them after the 12th fragment. They just survived long enough to get 13 and 14 done. No one’s told us they didn’t in our ‘timeline’.

If Ascender needs to dissappear to do whatever he did in the past to keep alive another 13 years to contact the new mountaineers, then that’s what he needs to do.

We should definitely try to get some contact information for someone who can actually help us. Their book hasn’t dissappeared yet. If it’s still there it can still be opened.

As for telling Ascender we are from the past. We have no guarentee only Ascender is reading our messages. If we tell the Silver what our plan is, we’re giving them almost 2 decades to find a way to stop us. That’d be very bad.


Yeah, it’s very confusing to me. His exact quote was:

“There are wheels turning in the shadows, Eaves. Augernon showed me. A machine churns in the dark places of the world. Growing in size and power. An old machine that wants to separate us. Crush us.”

I thought he was being metaphorical, but maybe he just forgot what, exactly, had gotten the '94s? Or is the “machine” more literal - the thing that created and/or controls the Storm? I’ve been wondering how, exactly, the Silver created and control the Storm, and I suppose having built some machine would make sense… I dunno, it’s definitely a strange way to describe the Storm, either way.


So now we know how he did it. Augernon. How he succeeded in protecting them. And why the Book faded from them: because they have all forgotten it ever existed, and what few (two, sounds like) are left are no longer able to fight on their own

Sounds to me like the seeds have already been sown, that would cause Ascender to leave us the way he did. It’s been there for 23 years.

We’ve lost Augernon and Knatz. We still have Ascender and… perhaps Saberlane. Whatever we are going to do, we have to either help Ascender with his plan or convince him to help us with the book. It doesn’t sound like he’s terribly interested in the second part. He’s giving up, I think.

God, Augie. I’ve looked up to him from the first, but… it’s different now. Knowing exactly what he did. What he gave up.

He never even hesitated, did he?


Maybe they just have a giant bubble blower that blows evil storms instead of bubbles?


No hesitation.

truly an ebenguard was he.

We should all aspire to his memory and his strength.

I know I do.

Now to find out how to do comp 15.