FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


The Joradian still protects the forum from anyone will bad intent. But we already know there are ways to get around that.


Okay, so we have time still, just not alot. We have got to prepare some defenses or warning systems.


I’ll check in when I land. Feel free to do some magiq.


So maybe a new thread or something here about ways we can protect ourselves. I think there’s already a thread up about it though.


So we need to start preparing for another potential war against the Silver


Okay, here’s the link for the thread.

Edit: Rimor beat me to it.


I look away for 2 minutes… Protection fading, text messages from the Benefactor, Deidre and Cole in Neithernor, and messaging Ascender in the past… Damn, stuff is happening! Thinking caps (preferably tinfoil lined) on mounties, we got spells to make!


How long do you reckon we have till the councils protection fully collapses? A week? Days?


Please stay safe @Marty.60

He’s right though, if the councils protection is fading things could go really south really fast. I hope it doesn’t come to that.


To be safe? Pretend it’s 5 minutes from now. Be happy if it’s longer.


Always good to think it will go down soon, makes us work faster and harder.


It’s probably at least long enough for @Marty.60 to get a flight to Boston from out west and make his way to the North Shore (40-60 minutes depending on location and traffic).

EDIT: I’m not sure how finding a mind-wiped Fallon will help, but regardless we have to prepare for the worst, which we’re doing over on the other linked thread.


Oh great so we have an hour or less? You do realise this storm has been waiting to kill us for a long time! Its gonna have bleedin field day when the protection drops!


Well, assuming it realises the protection is gone, isn’t doing something else, and sees us as a threat still. There are other factors still at play, let’s not be all doom and gloom yet (look at me trying to be positive lol)


Do we have a reply prepared for tonight?


We had a list of questions made up.


I wouldn’t plan to attack him with all those questions. Answering those questions is more an end goal then an immediate step.

My advice start small. Make sure we listen to what he needs and what he has to say. Start with Revenir’s first question. “What help does he need from us and can he help us open the book?”


I don’t think we planned on sending them all, it was more just a list of possible questions.


I didn’t think that was the plan either, but I wanted to make sure someone didn’t just copy and paste that into the chat window the second it opened. :slight_smile:


Osh. I would feel sooo sorry for Ascender if a list of questions just poured in.