FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


thank you for the update Marty.

Well, WE know what happened there. Looks like the veil still holds.

Let’s hope Jeremy can somehow coax out the corruption from the files so we can view them


You guys know somebody named Benefactor?


Knatz mentioned him in a response, why?
Did you hear or get something?


We’ve been told of this “Benefactor”.

The past mounties mentioned them, but im not sure how much information we have on the person in question.

anyone got anything?

EDIT: 5 beat me too it


He possibly work for the Council back with the 94 Mounties


“Benefactor” just sent me a text to my phone. I think they’re reading the basecamp forum:

“You don’t have time to comb the files. The Council’s protection is fading. Fast. Go back to the north shore. Tell the mountaineers when you’re there, and I’ll tell you where to find Fallon.”


Guess I was right about the council, man it sucks!


Okay, thank you for telling us this. This is extremely important; but what’s the north shore?


Reading our forum, and somehow knows your cell phone number.

Be careful @Marty.60.


Well I guess it’s time to saddle up and prepare for a fight.

Everyone, we might want to try and find a shielding spell or 50.

and or that lightning rod spell.

Godspeed Marty. Please be safe.


KS was based in Massacheussets, so Fallon probably lives there. My guess is the North Shore refers to this part


Thanks for telling! So @Marty.60 just needs to go therw right? Be safe then!


Guys I think we need to be very careful about what we say on here as we dont know if we can trust the Benefactor.


An area north of Boston. I knew Fallon lived north of Boston before KS fell, but I never could track his house down.

If “The Council” can’t protect you guys, we’re screwed. I’m risking the flight.


The Joradian still protects the forum from anyone will bad intent. But we already know there are ways to get around that.


Okay, so we have time still, just not alot. We have got to prepare some defenses or warning systems.


I’ll check in when I land. Feel free to do some magiq.


So maybe a new thread or something here about ways we can protect ourselves. I think there’s already a thread up about it though.


So we need to start preparing for another potential war against the Silver


Okay, here’s the link for the thread.

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