FOUND : Fragment Fifteen: Reunions and Revivals - Gnascorius


Oh god Ascender… We never knew how much he went through before he founded us, I had always assumed he had survived unscathed… I guess I’ve learned.
The storm doesn’t leave anyone unscathed.


Damn, we need to get a way to speak with him! He not alone, we’re here, we’ll help him get through whatever’s going on. We’ll do this!


If we do make contact what would we say?
Lets have a message ready to go.


Ascender :broken_heart:


We tell him everything. Tell him we helped Augie and Knatz, tell him we didn’t what them to do the spell, tell him about how the Council want us to open the book through them, and, most importantly, tell him that we’re gogin to be with him through everything else that comes his way.


Heres a photographic copy as well


“There’s some of us who are unharmed. We’re still working to open the book.”
And maybe a thank you or a reassurance?


GUYS! theres a reply section now!!!


I agree with @Nimueh. Let’s tell them what the Council wants us to do and what happened before that.


I’m not sure if we can safely communicate everything with him.


One person send a short message like last time


Maybe everything from Augie till now?


Just that we helped Augie. No time travel.


Notice there’s no warning this time, nothing. He needs to know. If we tell him about Knatz and the dream stuff, he’s gonna work it out.


How this?

Hey Ascender!

There’s a large lodge of us still working to open the BoB, don’t give up all hope just yet!


Maybe someone who used to do the messages to Augie should send, so there’s a chance of the username maybe being recognized? Like, if Augie told his group he was talking to someone from another lodge?


I just urge you to keep in mind that exposing what The Council is helping us do might jeopardize the plan by possibly revealing it to the Silver and The Storm.


Do not say anything about time travel we cant risk it! Keep it short and simple for now


is it possible that a group of us must post something to their forum?


I’m just going to reiterate what I wrote.
“There’s some of us who are unharmed. We’re still working to open the book.”